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  1. lm in NH, I've finished out of hughes marina in Williamson for over 30 year's
  2. $950 Plus shipping. That's a steal lol, half what it cost me for a couple weekends use.
  3. Cannon optimum downrigger. Built in sonar, dedicated transducer to track bottom, set to raise and lower between desired water columns, and much more. Used 4 weekends, like new. $1250.
  4. Actually, West marine was priced the same as the gps store 6 months ago, and l just looked up both web sites and they are priced the same now. In any event, lm $100 cheaper than both of them lol
  5. Lowrance hook reveal 9 triple. Bought this winter, installed and used two weekends then boat motor seized up. paid almost $900 at West marine, selling for $500 firm.
  6. Thank you. Do you know if bear creek is useable.
  7. Headed to Sodus point area for an annual trip next week. I was told the water in the lake was much lower than usual, and to low to access the lake from some launches? Anyone have any info on this?
  8. Im heading to Sodus point area next week for an annual trip. Ive been told the lake water level is lower than usual, and boats can't access the lake from some launches. Anyone have a report on this?
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