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  1. Thank you very much for sending this. The information I need however is where the 3 wires from the lock plug to the switch are placed and what changes need to be made the the primary wire placement. I very much appreciate you trying to help with this.
  2. Do you have a working unit with the auto stop box attached? If so, could you take a picture of the back of the switch for me so that I can copy the wiring to mine.
  3. I have a Proos Down Rigger with Auto Shut Off. I had a problem with the main switch and now I can not figure out how to attach the 3 wires to the Auto Stop on the switch. Can anyone help me? I know this is old equipment but I am up in years and do not want to invest a lot of money in new units. I have a working unit on the opposite side of the boat, but it has a different switch in it so I can not copy it.
  4. I need to know how to wire the Auto Stop to the main control switch. I have a black/red and white wire that need a home on the switch. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help
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