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  3. It's my first year out of the Oak. I fish mainly by myself in a 21' boat and I can't fish offshore for salmon/steelhead safely when the lake is rolling. With a southerly wind, I can control the boat inshore in 100' or less and love brown trout fishing which frequently saves the day. The fantastic charter captains at Ernst's gave me great advice finding 62 degree water on the bottom making slow s - turns, speed ups and slow downs right on the bottom for browns which works. But I'm only getting skippers and yearlings. Lots of them. I have my black's releases set so light they fire when I speed up to almost 3mph and 3/4 of the time they don't release when there's a fish on. I cant seem to find browns suspended with cheater rigs which I suspect is due to them hunting gobies on the bottom. Normally my instinct is to go to a bigger lure for bigger fish or go deeper to get a bigger class as with salmon but that's not working. I think I'm on the right track finding 62 on the bottom and hitting them with spoons and Rapalas but I cannot find a bigger class of fish. I've bought maps looking for rock structure on the bottom and cannot find any that far off shore. Do I continue to cut through the yearlings to get to the bigger fish or are they in a different place in the water column? Will they be in deeper, colder water with the lakers? Or do I throw magnum spoons or 5" rapalas on and stay in that 62 degree line? I fish from the weather buoy at the Oak headed West to Johnson Creek as it looks like it was sort of rocky between 60' and 70' where 62 is set up. Not looking to spot burn, just some advice.
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