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  1. Good spot Fishy, sorry about that. $230 takes it.
  2. Two GLT Dipsy diver rods and two Diawa Accudepth reels spooled with 25lb braid with leadcore top shots, three and four color’s respectively. Mint condition, used the set up once and realized it’s way to big for my Kayak. I’m located near Ithaca in the Fingerlakes, local pick up only, cash on collection, price is firm. I don’t come on here very often anymore but will be checking messages for this sale. Tight lines and ask any questions you may have, cheers.
  3. Thanks, I’ll take a look but not looking to outlay any cash on this when I can make them myself, I’ll have a few protos made up over the weekend then I’ll post pics if they work.
  4. Ton of weed about lately and I’m done with pulling the gear every twenty minutes or so, this got me thinking. I use hard tubing that I splay out at the end, then slide this onto the line above a bead, then tie on a swivel to my lure when flat lining lures. I’m thinking about doing this with my dipsys but I would add a crimped wire section of about 6-10 inches direct to the swivel on the dipsy, then set the rest up the same. The reason why I’m doing this is so when the weed collects on the splayed out piece of plastic, it doesn’t get all over the dipsy and prevent it from popping on the retrieve. anyone else do this or something similar?
  5. Thanks for the reply’s all, I’ll get some pictures up when I get them done
  6. I’m thinking that’s the easiest way to it, prep and prime white?
  7. Hi all, first post on here. I inherited 50 or so old daredevil type lures, all red and white. I want to strip the paint and use different color paints and tapes on them. Anyone else done this? What did you use to get the old paint off? thx yakker
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