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  1. Thanks guys! I appreciate it!
  2. Going to Olcott in may I’ve been going out for 8 years now with my father. Now I have my own boat I’m starting to get lures and what not. Just looking to see what some of you use as your go to. Stuff that seems to work every year. I’m trying to set everything up in a short time so I’m looking to see what brands and colors you guys prefer! Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks again everyone for your help!
  4. So do you run them off the back on each side? The guy gave me two bags but I’ve never used them before. Just didn’t want them to be in the way of netting and fighting
  5. Hey there everyone! Couple questions! So I bought a new to me boat it’s a 24ft Penn Yan with the 5.0. We have our annual trip to Olcott in may. I was wondering if a troll plate would work decent for this year instead of trying to find a kicker with a couple months left. Plus I’ve been busy trying to get everything from rods to tackle! Thanks again for any help!
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