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  1. See all these and many more at Painted Back Rigs
  2. We have added some great new crawler harnesses to Painted Back Rigs. Pictures below show just the leading hook, but all are made with two red Octopus hooks. Stop in and view our super wide selection.
  3. View Painted Back Rigs for a wide selection of ready-to-use two-hook crawler harnesses. Pictures just show the leading hook. Here are some of the newer ones just added.
  4. Just recently added to the lineup at Painted Back Rigs . Pictures just show the leading hook, there are two red Octupus hooks on each one.
  5. In the past two years, I have shopped and selected spinner blades from 10 different artists for the crawler harnesses I make for my Painted Back Rigs website. Here is one from each of the 10. You can see them all by clicking here to go to the website.
  6. Thanks Bronzeback2018. I like the look of the serrated edge willows myself.
  7. I have been running my website for two years now (Painted Back Rigs) and the majority of sales are of crawler harnesses with Colorado size 4 and 4.5 blades, followed by size 5 & 6 and then size 4.5 and 5 Willow Leafs. I also have had some hatchet and arrowhead blades in with the mix. From time to time I get suggestions to go to larger Willow Leafs and I have done some tandem ones as well. My sales on size 3 and 3.5 Colorados were minimal and I only keep one in the lineup at a time now. I do not carry any crawler harnesses made with size 2 or smaller Colorado blades. I have had a few customers say they like the wide choice I have in deep cup blades but not sure that it has been a selection criteria for that many. So far, I have reduced my lineup in the Colorado size 3 and 3.5 sizes and have stayed away from size 6 and larger Willow Leafs. I have also increaded my lineup percentage in deep cup Colorado blades over the past year. My questions for the group is what is your first and second choice for blade shape and size for your crawler harnesses? Does it make a difference to you in your choice whether the blade is deep cup or hammered or dimpled? If a willow leaf does it make a difference to you if it is a serrated edge or not? Do you prefer tandem willow leaf setups? Looking to get a consensus but I am going to guess it will lineup fairly closely with what has been my sales experience and decisions so far. FYI - I did not ask for any feedback on color choice but I thought you might like to hear from me what you already know - overr the past two years, the demand for purple and antifreeze has continued to grow and is reflected in my limited website sales experience. Thanks for any input you care to provide.
  8. Here are some of the great 2-hook crawler harnesses we just added to our website. Click here to go to the Painted Back Rigs secure website. Free Shipping On Orders Over $45 USD. Select items now on sale throughout the online store.
  9. Here's the latest! Canadian orders also shipped free if over $45 USD. See all these great rigs at Painted Back Rigs
  10. Check all these out and more at Painted Back Rigs Ones shown in this post are all in our Exclusive TK Collection series.
  11. Recently replenished this popular product line on Painted Back Rigs.
  12. To see all 160 + walleye spinner rigs from Painted Back Rigs, click here. I am a Manitoba native and former Ontario resident, now retired and residing in Arizona. Prices in US $, PayPal and credit cards accepted. Free shipping to Canada and US for orders over $45 USD.
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