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  1. Gents. I posted on a fishing reports forum. Chaumont bay is 14 square miles. I can take a little local heat but it’s funny because I live 25 minutes from the lake. I posted the ramp I launched from (only one not iced in) and I posted how I caught them. It took three years to build up to a trip this caliber. I’ve got thick skin and understand walleye54’s frustration because chaumont is a small town and there are people that take advantage of it. I post to give new guys a chance at leaning faster than I did, and the lack of reports up here other than the hardware store during ice. I’ve kept 6 walleye from chaumont this year. My family is having walleye po boys for Christmas Eve. I love this area and the multi species availability it provides. I’ve got a 16ft tiller and have limited chances at big water opportunities. I’ve said it earlier but I have met so many good fishermen here from Syracuse to guys that make the trip from northern Ontario. Fishing should be fun and a pastime that is getting more and more lost. If my post helps an out of towner catch the fish of their life then great. There is a a saying out there that says 10% of fishermen catch 90% of the fish. I used to be out of those odds and thru this forum and learning tactics thru other means I’m at least catching some fish. They may not be record breakers but I’m proud of learning things and they were the biggest eyes I’ve ever gotten to the boat.
  2. Appreciate everyone with the comments. Been living the north country about three years now and I can say everyone I’ve met out fishing has been great. This forum gave me a lot of information on techniques and how to catch some fish. This past summer especially with Ontario browns and salmon. I don’t always have great days but every time I fish Ontario I post on here. A little bit of information goes a long way and hopefully you all enjoy a good winter of fishing with family and friends. Again thanks to everyone who posts on here and happy holidays!
  3. Man you are right. Chaumont bay is such a huge secret. Must be why there are hundreds of shanties out there every weekend during ice. I will continue to post to help others learn and appreciate the fishery.
  4. Figured I would throw this up for the diehards. Fished chaumont bay out of long point on Sunday. Got 5 walleye to the boat all over 7 lbs. Biggest was 9.2. Had 11 bites. Water was 36.8. Also managed a bonus laker. Flicker minnow 9 on two color lead core in shad colors did most of the damage. Boat ramp was starting to accumulate patchy ice so probably my last trip out. Great end to the boating season!
  5. During the spring almost every single brown I caught had a lamprey on it. Scars on most of the salmon as well. Tried to do my part and return them safely to the lake without heads.
  6. Eastern basin was great for me this year. Only my second year doing the big lake fishing so I still have a lot to learn. Browns were way better this year than last in the spring. I want to say I ran about 10 trips this summer for kings. Always caught at least one or two. Have yet to have one of those epic “20 bite” days I keep hearing about lol. Either way I was extremely happy with the fishing this year. The freezer is stocked for winter, got a bunch of friends on their first kings, and started figuring out the patterns. I usually fished the Henderson/stony creek area this summer. Closer to the house and gas was stupid this summer.
  7. It wasn’t too bad. Pretty easy going until we made the turn around the point into the trench. Little windy but I generally just trolled with the wind and it was fine.I like stony. Everything is marked well, just chop some grass every so often. Nice clean ramp.
  8. Weather looked fishable in the morning so made the trip out to the trench trying to get my pops on some silver glory. As soon as we set up got hit on a mag dipsey with a uv bullfrog flasher/fly back 265. 2 other nice kings on the same rig. Also got one on a white/green dot pro troll flasher on the rigger right on the bottom. Back to the launch around 1130 before the wind kicked up. Great morning. The crestliner strikes again. Tight lines.
  9. I’m fairly new to the game too and have been going out in a 16’ crestliner. It does have a good size beam which helps but I’ve been literallly only getting hits on flasher/fly and flasher/meat rigs lately. I run the flasher/meat rigs on mag dipsey divers on a 3 setting and the flasher flies behind the downriggers. Biggest thing I do to prevent tangles is stagger the flasher on the downriggers. It all depends where I’m marking bait and fish. But I always stagger the downrigger weights 15-20ft. Last weekend I ran one at 110 and another at 90 for example. Been working for me in the small boat. I only usually run the four lines though. I’ve messed with running additional lines on planets but it’s just a lot in a 16 footer lol.
  10. On Friday went out looking for a similar production from the previous weekend. Trolled generally the same area, the ledge out of Henderson out to 150. Wasn’t marking as much bait or fish but kept trolling along. Managed a small Atlantic, couple lakers, small shaker kings. Finally landed a 17 lb long way in along the ledge way in. Bites came on flasher fly, bullfrog flasher with meat rig, and a black widow spoon mag size. Sunday went out with zero expectations with the weather. Was bored at the house so packed the rig and decided to at least try. Ride out was wet. Went out to 90 ft and started to troll in the trough of the waves. Had a nice troll despite the waves and got a couple hits. Hooks pulled. Managed a brown at the ledge and called it quits before the storms rolled in. Seems like the fish have moved. Maybe starting to stage? Anyways hopefully back out there next weekend. Tight lines gents.
  11. Trolled everywhere. The ledge up near the point, 150-180, everywhere in between. Managed 4 kings and one laker. one 17lb and the rest were smaller. Unbelievable amount of marks and bait. Had a hard time getting bites. The bites we got were on black widow spoons on dipseys and a couple on flasher flies. Nothing on meat rigs which surprised me. The fillet table revealed possibly the reason for lack of bites. All the fish had stomachs FULL of baitfish. Lost a bruiser in 150 nw of the point. All in all a good day. Tight lines!
  12. The channel is alright. There’s a couple larger charter boats that are at the end of the creek that make it out. It’s marked pretty well. If you stay in the markers shallowest you see is about 2 -2.5 ft.
  13. Left about 600 and headed out to about 130. Boated a nice 18lb king on a black widow spoon on a mag dipsey about 200 back around 7. Took a nice laker and a bunch of small kings until about 12 then decided to troll a different area. Ran out to 180 then trolled in. Took a 20 lb king in 150 on a flasher fly down 115 and a nice steelhead on a spoon down 95. Beautiful day on the water.
  14. It was a good night. Very few boats out there which was super nice opposed to the fiasco Saturday morning. At one point there was probably 20 boats trolling the same line. Better fishing was definitely Friday.
  15. I have a 16’ crestliner. You can definitely do it in a small boat just have to pick your days. As you can tell in the pics water was glass the past couple days.
  16. 7/15. Trolled in 130-150 off the ledge in the afternoon/ evening. Caught 2 kings, one 21 and one 14. Both on a flasher fly 90 down on the rigger. Also caught a nice laker on the same thing. 7/16. fished with my buddy Dylon and got started early for the morning bite. Got a case of rubber hooks and lost two kings at the side of the boat. Fish were scattered. Caught some jack kings in 150, one teenager in 140, browns in 110 anddd 150. Definitely didn’t have the bait life/ larger marks as the night before. Still a a gorgeous day. Bites were mostly on flasher/flies and black/silver spoons. All bites were down 85-115 down with the exception of a king that decided to knock a dipsey spoon in 70 fow, go figure.. overall good fishing..can’t complain when you get home and fire up the smoker. Tight lines.
  17. Looked like we had a window to try for some salmon. Pretty rough ride out for a small boat. Rode out and trolled with the wind. Wound up 6/6. 2 browns, 3 steel guys and an Atlantic. First time seeing one. Only a 22” so released but still a beautiful fish. 120-135 fow. All downriggers, Dipseys didn’t get a touch. Still working on those kings…
  18. First post on here. Just happened upon this site and the info really helped me out. Today was my second attempt after a skunk last weekend. Totally different today. Went 12-15 on browns. Had a couple buddies with me and we all limited out then released a bunch of fish. All caught between 35-45 fow. Most productive but was dipsies about 25-30 ft down. Green colored spoons were the ticket. Next adventure will hopefully be salmon. Thanks all!
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