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  1. any history on them? so far I've got 4 browns and hooked a big king today. lost 100 ft from the boat
  2. Keep a journal Write down weather conditions, what is working.Write down everything. all the details and you'll find fish are creatures of habit
  3. will steelhead and browns go as deep as kings?
  4. After I let out 400' copper how much backing do I let out?
  5. cool, thanks. I also have two copper I'm using on boards
  6. How long should the leader between the flasher and fly be?
  7. 4 dipsy holder and 1 rigger. going to two riggers next year
  8. should I have a flouro leader from my main line to my dipsy and from the dipsy to the lure?
  9. who uses daily satellite images for fishing? Am I right to fish this green water?
  10. Best brand and where to buy. Thanks in advance
  11. Rolmops,, where would be the best place to get a quality tarp?
  12. I'll measure my total length How wide of a beam does it cover,,?
  13. I'm looking to make some kind of cover that can be removed in case we get good days in the winter to fish. my boat is outside and is always wrapped, but once it's wrapped then I can't use it
  14. what is the minimum amount of 30 pound braid on a reel for kings? Would 300 yards suffice?
  15. if you use your trolling motor run dual batteries. should last the day. red to red, black to black and hook up your trolling motor to one batteries. I use it all the time
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