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  1. Quick follow up - I was able to program out a new member registration check that validates IP registration address location against the United States and Canada.  Any other countries outside US and Canada will require manual admin approval now going forward.  I think this should help stop some of the bad apples out there.  That code was implemented live last night.  It does not eliminate the risk 100% as there could still be bad apples obviously here in the US and Canada but the majority of the time, these scammers come from oversea registered IPs (as was the case with Maxwelll).
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  2. Hi LOU Members,


    Had a critical database error last night, worked the night to diagnose and see if I could fix it.  Found the issue finally and was able to fix it so site should be back to normal.  Thank you again for all the messages/PMs/texts/phone calls to let me know :yes:   Phew.... time for me to get some rest now.  Hope you all have a good Friday and enjoy the weekend :beer:



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  3. Hi guys -


    Wondering if anyone had any recommendations for charter captains for tarpon fishing or inlet mangrove fishing around Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice FL area?  Might be down there later this year visiting some friends (picture below from their backyard last week... haha).  Feb - Apr timeframe - better or worse for any species that time of year?  I have zero experience or knowledge but thought it would be fun. 




    Thanks -


  4. Hi guys - quick update, seems issue is specific to Android phones but only some as most appear to be working still.  We are working on a new release of the app that will be better supported than current version and hope to have that out in a month or two.  Private Message (PM) me with any other concerns on this as I don't want to clog up the main fishing forums with tech support related stuff.  In the mean time, if the app is not working for you then you can simply use the mobile version of the site. 


    Thanks again everyone!


  5. Had a chance to get some fishing with the family in and bring back some of my old childhood memories of dock fishing in Alex Bay.  It was a lot of fun back then in the 80's/90's and just as much fun today with my own daughters. 








    And for those parents out there that don't want to deal with trying to get worms on hooks..... try this:



    Good luck on the water this year everyone! 


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