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  1. Garage Sale Sat 4/26 10AM-4pm Schmitt control knob S.S. steering wheel -free Frabil Pro-Formance Pow-R Lok salmon net approx 2x3Ft $25 hidden hitch w/2" ball $10 Sun 4/27 789 Tinker Tavern Road Webster, NY 14580
  2. Local pickup only, Webster, NY 2-dipsy divers, painted flat black with leaders, $10 2-in-line planers, Walleye boards used $15/pr SOLD 2-in-line planers, TX-12 used $15/pr SOLD lots of old dodgers, $10 Pile of old GLA mags from a few years ago, FREE S.S. steering wheel FREE
  3. Rod/reels are still for sale if you can pickup. Webster, NY
  4. Mix and match, clearing out everything! Pick out your favs. $60 /per box of 50 ****all spoons SOLD************************* Local pickup in Webster, NY *also Icom vhf 304 radio works, $20 S.S. steering wheel, Free! ***ALL books are sold
  5. Okuma Convector CV45L reel with a 30lb mono and a couple colors of leadcore. (on busted cooper rod, i wasnt very careful getting it into the car!) SOLD
  6. Great spoon rod for downriggers: 7Ft 1pc Shimano Talora (Med) withDaiwa Accudepth Plus 47LC reel. 50Lb braid with 100Ft mono leader, almost flea proof! $100/both PRICE change
  7. 2- Okuma Magda20 reels with drag upgrades by Tuna Tom on 7Ft Ugly Stik rods, w/mono and one of the best stick baits around. Fun setup fro spring browns! Both for $80. PRICE CUT! *stickbaits in case sold
  8. Congrats Glen!!! Alan and Mikell
  9. ... fishing with Glen was a real learning experience, for sure. Great fisherman and good teacher. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity! -Alan A&M Sodus Bay
  10. Glad I could help, now get back out there! A&M Sodus Bay
  11. As someone who has fished all my life, I joined the LOU community in hopes of finding information, advice and friendships based on a common interest. Sadly, I seem to have found more ignorance, political partisanship, religious zealotry and whacked out paranoia than I ever imagined I would find on a "fishing" forum. Yes, I'm an environmentalist and likely far more "left" than many on this board and it's become so uncomfortable to read many of the posts here that I probably won't bother any more. After this post, most of you will likely be happy about that too. I just read the post "Disturbing Article" and the comments after it left me shaking my head. I'm still not sure what was so disturbing when it seemed that the worst thing that could be said was that recreational fishing and related jobs aren't receiving any priority in the Obama administration or that NOAA hasn't shown any overt dislike of recreational angling...but is instead "indifferent". The rest of the article is filled with paranoid references to big bad government ending bear hunting in Ontario, banning led in tackle and groups citing "overfishing" that are supposed to make us afraid. Be afraid, be very afraid, seems to be the mantra. Seems "fear" is a much used commodity these days. What is so objectionable to you about protecting the environment? I would have thought people who fish would also be members of the Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, WWF (...OK...maybe not PETA!) Who more than all of us wants to protect our environment? In the interest of some balance (in case any of you are even remotely open minded) you might find this article on the World Fishing Network website enlightening: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan Unveiled http://www.wfn.tv/gogreen/blog.php?blog=402650 I can only imagine the horror and disbelief of some of you when you read: "President Barack Obama has committed to making Great Lakes restoration a national priority. In February 2009, President Obama proposed $475 million for a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the most significant investment in the Great Lakes in two decades." It also goes on to recognize that the lakes "support a multi-billion dollar economy based on fishing, boating and recreational activities." I for one am cheering that we finally have an administration that gets it! I applaud anyone who speaks up to protect fishing and angling rights, but please...stop the the knee jerk political condemnations. These aren't left or right issues and people who didn't vote like you can still value the earth we live on and want to protect it for recreation and enjoyment. I've also seen the posts here which fearmonger wind turbines in the lake and actually recommend nuclear power as an alternative. This is misguided at best. I lived in an environment polluted by the tailings of Uranium mining affecting the North Channel of Lake Huron. I'm sure not many of you know this side of the nuclear option...the myth of "clean nuclear power". You're so worried about wind turbines falling over or disturbing fish habitat....how will you react if there's ever a spill of radioactive effluent into Lake Ontario that leaves the lake contaminated for hundreds if not thousands of years? It only has to happen once. Or...maybe just small accumulations of radioactivity over our lifetime that someday catches up to us. Anyway...I'm sure I'm not going to change any minds here. You don't like Democrats; you don't like the lunatic left wing; you don't like tree huggers; you don't like wind energy supporters. I'm sure that being a fellow fisher isn't enough to give my thoughts any credence. But...I needed to say these things...and now I will leave you to your fear and tirades! Good luck. Mikell
  12. ...just back from fishing in Canada, managed a few small, deep walleyes on Manitoulin Island. Question, did I finally get an Atlantic Salmon? Meldrum Bay / Mississauga Strait
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