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  1. Something to ponder...these solar farm people are offering land owners long term land leases for what seems like lucrative paydays. Long term leases up to 50 years. In 50 years the US dollar will be toilet paper. Don’t be fooled. Tricks like these were used during the oil boom too. 

  2. Up at the mouth of the Larry water levels are low, but not so low that it’s out of the range of previous years in last decade. Getting a good three days of rain beginning today that ought to replenish most opening day duck spots. Remember when the IJC jackals told us to just wait for the deluge coming from upstream lakes that will substantiate this new norm of high water caused by global warming? LOL 

  3. Right Gill. Now is the time to get fresh air, vitamin D, stay off junk food, exercise, and get some good ol virus killing UV light. Be careful if you live in suburbs, but if like me, out in Jefferson County get outside and stay off crappy old eating habits. Cooping up is bad after an already cooped up winter. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, lost a lure said:

    I'll take 1. How much? Why are you selling? Recent Covid-19 test? How many hours? 

    $5/lb No bones or your money back. Need Vitamin C money. When I got off the plane from China customs said I didn’t need a test. Hours? I can catch a pal an hour. 

  5. China was taking cash out of circulation 2 months ago. Old news. They will role out a new digital only currency soon enough. 

    A digital crypto currency will rise from the ashes . We are witnessing a deflationary credit crunch of the likes we’ve never seen. Hyperinflation will follow. The dollar’s only strength as a world currency was its mandatory usage per OPEC in oil trade-that and military intervention if you dared trade oil outside of the dollar. 

    wouldn’t you like to know what crypto will be backed?


  6. They are actually considering letting prisoners out of Rikers Island right now. I cannot comprehend that. On top of that Philadelphia and other cities are going to quit arresting criminals for serious crimes like robbery. It is truly unbelievable. Stay safe everyone. 

  7. 13 minutes ago, Sk8man said:

    I believe that perhaps  we may be misunderstanding each other. I agree with  your last post but I did not interpret the article the same way you  did.I saw what he was saying as a caution regarding snap judgment to isolate based on unclear development of situations based on emotional reaction rather than data based decisions. It was an appeal to reason over emotion, high anxiety or panic reactions without clear data to base it on and I agree with that. The current trajectory of this situation does demand that we closely monitor, isolate where possible, and use common sense about being in crowd situations etc. The school closings are more complex than that and it isn't just some "sappy" emotional connection to feeding children it is a very real set of complicated circumstances requiring good judgement at the locus of the school. For example it may be very premature for a school in the hills of Montana to close up at this point when there isn't a clear and present threat at this point in the particular area.

    It honestly reads like a guy who has a retirement portfolio loaded to the gills with equities and was hoping to retire next year. Not a infectious disease Doctor smack dab in a major city with the onset of a novel virus, with no treatments, and zero understanding of what life is like after recovery.  



  8. 1 hour ago, Sk8man said:


    I thought for once I was in agreement with you at least regarding prepping. Your response to that letter makes little sense, but hospitals and medical personnel will be severely overwhelmed as they were already dealing with high levels of flu etc. The closing of schools is a highly complicated multi-dimensional problem because of the need for supervision at home, and for many especially in poor urban or rural areas the children's meals are provided in the schools.   Not everyone in our society is able to afford, purchase or stock up on necessities of life or perhaps feed their children at home. The specific creation of shortages of appropriate masks for medical personnel through hoarding or in some cases stealing from supplies severely adds to the problem.


    People react to stress in very different ways and some not with reason or calmness looking at data or facts. A lot of this is a high anxiety or panic reaction to things on top of a valid problem that in all probability will get worse before getting better.Viruses, epidemics, and pandemics have acted that way in the past and this situation is probably no different. I think that was the main thrust of that letter not someone begging about holding events.


    This situation however should be  a "wake up call" to the US in particular, in terms of allowing the Chinese to manufacture the majority of our medications just - from a national security standpoint alone. It also points up the need to personally prepare to the degree possible for these sorts of situations ahead of time because other things even more pervasive can occur such as a shutting down of the electric grid for example.

    Being prepared as much as possible is a personal and community responsibility and it shouldn't have taken this situation to have initiated it. Unfortunately we as a society are pretty much reactionary rather than proactive and it has been just a matter of time before it came home to bite us in the butt.


    Hopefully when this situation attenuates folks will have a little fire under their butts to prevent the panic response next time. .....but I doubt it....something called "human nature" I guess. This current situation does point up the federal government's incompetence, and lack of preparedness for a large scale emergency situation, (also witness the previous hurricanes too). Bureaucrasies are the last vestiges of society to change so don't look for solutions anytime soon. Ultimately it is up to us to prepare, help others, cooperate, and not be part of the problem, and do what we can to minimize adverse effects in our immediate area of control.


    I have been expecting something like this for the past ten years and have prepared along the way for it. I didn't have to empty any store shelves, store up on water and necessities because I already have done so gradually in anticipation and expectation of just such an event (or worse). Hopefully it will be a learning event for most people and folks will realize that preparedness of (various types) significantly reduces anxiety and panic.

    The response made perfect sense. He contradicted himself. Social distancing is important. He's alluding to the idea of panic leading to the dismissal of weddings and family gatherings as a fear based irrational response. That's stupid. Its perfectly rational to suspend gatherings. 


    History tells us preemptive closures (especially schools, (hint) flu season begins when school starts and ends when school lets out) are the #1 thing you can do to prevent a 'hockey stick' infection rate graph pattern from forming thus overwhelming your hospital infrastructure, regardless of what state they are currently in. The only goal here is to flatten the curve. In 1918 San Fran closed everything during the onset of the second wave while the country became devastated by the flu. They went unscathed until they became complacent and the third wave hit them. Mind you, they were a major port of entry and even the ramifications of ceasing all economic activity, which has far more implications than folks not being able to go to work -that was still the right decision. Keeping schools open will increase case fatality rates PERIOD. Closing schools is only complicated when you become emotional and believe the community will let children starve because the cafeteria is closed at school. It is a FACT that children are largely asymptomatic and have the highest viral loads with this virus. Jefferson County just suspended all schools (without a case in the county) because they are listening to professionals and not emotional advocates like your self or DeBlasio.    



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