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  1. Slipbob-where are the night eyes coming from? I have never had any luck at night,anywhere-what are you using? Depth? I read all about night guys and every night I go out I come up empty... Thanks for any info to break the zero....... Walteye
  2. Hit the lake at 6 am Saturday-nice walleye chop from the east-lots of marks in the shallows/12-20'/ not a hit on the troll. When it got light-went out to the deeper water 38-41'-lots of marks-trolled up a white bass and a 16" eye east of the Messenger Shoal. Tried all the same lures that worked throughout the year ( Blk/slvr Rouges,Purple prism,blk/slvr Dave's Kaboom Shiners,Renoskys,Perch and white #9 Shad Raps,Blk/slvr and blue/slvr Husky Jerks) all without another hit. About 9am it started to hail/sleet and changed to snow (2" in the boat)turned dead calm and then the wind changed from the east to northwest-picking up in intensity-creating 3+ footers on the lake. Trolled throughout the water column(flat lining to the bottom)-from .8 mph to 2.5 mph-with just those 2 fish. Decided at 2 pm to call it a day and a year on Oneida Lake. I didn't see another boat on the lake (obviously the only idiot was me!) Happy New Year to all.... Walteye
  3. Besides the DEC reports-anything besides shore fishing going on at Oneida?With decent weather predicted for the New Years weekend (OK-showers are called decent weather in my book)-I was thinking about trailering up to the lake for Sunday and Monday. Your thoughts-same programs that I have been running all year with success? Blk/silver Rouges-Purple prism and Blk/silver prism Dave's Kaboom Shiners? The weather is just staying too "not cold" to not be on the water.... Walteye
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