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  1. I think it could be the skipper...Whats your name again RINGMEAT? LOL Glad you finally put a post up. Hopefully we will do better tonite...Wolf
  2. Going in the D and C today....Must sell Wellcraft on the way.
  3. Open Bow Deep V 130hp 3.0 Merc In-line 4 and alpha 1 outdrive. Powertrain in excellent shape, runs good. Replaced the bellows, gimble bearing, starter, shift cable and impeller. The trailor is in good shape with a new axle, 2 spindles, bunks and tires. The interior of the boat needs some work. Boat is on N. Slocum rd in Ontario. Good boat for the price. $2250.00 or BO call Jim @ 585-233-8257
  4. Fished early morning with Jeff abord Time Out went 12 for 15 over 8 to 15 FOW. Trolled between Bear creek and Power plant. Fish were caught on stick bait and spoons. Green was a hot color as always. No monster fish but a steady pick...Great day to be out! Water is clearing up fast need rain soon to keep bite going!
  5. Anyone know were I can get a Okuma reel repaired and a eye put on a rod in the Rochester area? Thanks Wolf
  6. I'm a Welding/Motor-sports fab instructor at Wayne Tech center in Williamson NY.
  7. What are the pens made from? I teach a welding and fabrication class at Wayne Tech center in Williamson. We would be willing to help any way possible. Let me know...Wolf
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