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  1. Nice report Steve, maybe headed out to Canandaigua next week. Drop me a note with any pointers I am pretty rusty and green. Hemlockman
  2. Thanks, musky Bob. Happy New Year everyone! Hemlockman
  3. Beauty Steve. Haven't been out in a while not feeling well, maybe this week. Email me! [email protected]
  4. I have some Orvis fly rods, anyone interested I'll get them out and tell you what I have. Sned me email to [email protected] Thanks for looking. Good fishing all!!
  5. FLX, I had one Rochester quad on one inboard I had and it was hard staring, but running was fine. You having same issues or just pain running rough?
  6. Looking to spend a morning either trout fishing or small mouth bass fishing with my two sons first week of July. Any info for me? Have downriggers and dipseys and seth rig for trout ect. Also would like to cast or drift for small mouth. Any help would be great. Thanks
  7. Nice fish Chuck, I think I would have crapped my pants on that one. Great job!
  8. Nice report Steve. Very nice looking brown there. Have yet to catch a Hemlock brown yet. I'll take anything I guess. Going out Friday and giving it a try.
  9. What battery do you guys use for you electric trolling motors. I have a 50 lb. trust and want to buy a new battery. I read some recent posts on this topic but would like more info. I am not using this battery to start my boat just run my foot operated electric motor. Thanks for looking.
  10. What do you guys recommend for a deep cycle battery. I have a 50lb thrust Minn Kota I would like to use on my boat that I bought. Thanks for looking.
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