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  1. BTW Walmart batteries suck. Cheap Chinese junk that doesn't last.
    Also, $5 core charge is a joke. Last time I took a used up battery to scrap yard, they gave me $12. Got rid of a bunch of brake rotors and other metal scrap in the same trip. Bought my battery on line from Advanced, got a discount for ordering on line and picked it up on the way to the scrap yard. Win Win Win
    $5 Core charge is not a joke if you are not turning in a battery, which was my point.

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  2. I run a 15HP Mercury 4 stroke with electric start, and a transom mount trolling motor off a single group 29 battery. I did mount my battery at the bow. This is on a 14' Tracker Guide. The new motors are EFI, and should start much easier than carburetor models like mine. So far so good for me, but I don't use this boat for extended periods.

    That’s funny you sent me that info, because that’s the exact one I’m looking at getting. I like the fact that I can use the pull start as a back up option if needed. You made my day by confirming that motor.
    My biggest question now is if can I hook it up to my trolling motor battery that I’m going to be using in this small boat. I definitely do not want to use two batteries. It’s crowded enough. From what I’ve been hearing I think I’ll be ok. It’s not a big hp motor, so the draw won’t be too bad...plus if I wear it down during the day, pull start option. I appreciate all the feedback.

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