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  1. Rule 27 was added for the Free fishing days and for certain other exceptions such as Native Americans. So yes, you can fish in the LOC but remember, the LOC isn't free and everyone must on the boat must be registered! Dave Chilson LOC Derby
  2. Our Printer exploded when printing the cards from Maine. It's been fixed and the people from Maine now have their cards. Thanks for the patience! Also if there is no answer at the office you can call my cell at 585-544-2563. Dave Chilson LOC Derby
  3. We are redoing the database and may have to reissue some registration cards due to the Spring Derby promotion. Everyone who signs up for a season's pass or Spring Derby entry will receive a Pro-Troll E-Chip Flasher and NK spoon! To monitor this we are issuing card numbers starting with #4800. Early on we issued a few that are prior to this number and need to reissue them. If you havn't received your card by the first week of April please call the office or have a number lower than 4800. The stores and weigh-in stations should have all the sign-up and product by April 15th. Check out LOC.org for further information.
  4. Open communications and the rules have been standardized for all tournaments. A 12 fish limit for the Pro division with no more than 2 lake trout. In the Am division, there is a 7 fish limit with the requirement of one lake trout. Also 2 person teams are now eligble. (Observer must have a fishing license to run 6 rods) Additionally in the am division only, unijured fish may be released at boatside. The complete rules should be available in the near future on the Pro-Am web site or as soon as they make them available I can put them in a pdf file to forward.
  5. I attended the pro-Am meeting on 12-28 and it was decided to have open communications. There is a unified set of rules and one application that covers all events. Another change is that all water MUST be drained from the coolers prior to the pre-inspection and only block or ice still in the bag will be allowed. I am waiting on a "official" press release and application which I am including in the upcoming Derby paper due out early next month.
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