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  1. I chartered for 15 years without anything but surface speed and did fine. I used cable angle and the bend in my diver rods to make sure my speed was right. It is a learned technique though. One that requires a LOT of time on the water—time you apparently don’t have.
    Invest in the fish hawk—it’s definitely game changing but do yourself a favor—learn to fish without it and just use it as reference. As I always say in my seminars—once you’re used to fishing with it you won’t be able to fish without it—unless you train yourself.

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  2. I have always used Big Game 15# Mono. I run big boards, and it works good in the releases. Caught lots of Erie eyes over the years with no issues.

    If you run 15# backing with boards and lead core on Lake Ontario you better have a good supply of lead core. Kings aren’t walleyes.
    50# braid attached to the lead core with a double Willis knot.

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  3. Results of the One Man Fish Bowl tournament today.
    1st -- Paul Czarnecki Free Spirit with 55 pounds 2 ounces.
    2nd-- Clarence Crisp Rally Killer with 47 pounds 7 ounces.
    3rd--Mike Grager I'm Hooked.

    Perfect weather and great friends made for another memorable tournament. Clarence finished his 3 off early and then proceeded to heckle, bother, annoy and frustrate the rest of us with constant radio chatter and phone calls. It didn't work as the bigger fish bit later in the morning and at 1110 I hooked what was to be the winning fish (21.4). The tournament ended at 1130 and, per tradition, I bought everyone lunch at the Black North. I think I lost money. [emoji15]

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  4. I have never had a haywire twist fail. Most copper failures come with swivel connections or Albright failures. Haywires never fail because nothing is ever bent--it's twisted.

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  5. One man fish bowl is tomorrow!!!
    Capt meeting and entry collection at the Lake Breeze office at 615. Fish 630-1130 with weigh in at Lake Breeze and then lunch at the north.

    Due to some whining entry fee has been reduced to $50.
    This is a FUN tournament and is open to ANYONE. And anyone can win.

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