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  1. 2009 Baha Cruiser GLE 277

    6.2L Mercruiser 320 HP Inboard w/ Smart Gauges

    Yamaha 20 HP 4-stroke

    Hydraulic On/Off valve for kicker

    Remote Throttle Control (Control King) for Kicker

    Bow Thruster

    Air Conditioning / Heater

    30 AMP Shore Power w/ On board charger & Power Cord

    Enclosed Head

    Refrigerator & Sink

    Remote Spotlight


    Raymarine Auto Pilot w/ Remote

    VHF Radio w/ Shakespeare Galaxy Antenna

    Fish Hawk X4D w/ Probe


    Spreader Lights

    Bennett Trim Tabs w/ Auto up and position sensors

    Lowrance Gen II w/3 G Radar

    Furuno FCV 585 w/ thru hull 50/200 600 watt

    Big Jon Brute Downriggers

    Big Jon Electric Planner board reels

    Big Jon Triple Trees

    Berts Rod Holders

    2009 Venture Trailer w/ surge brakes, tandem w/ new bunks and bearings serviced


    Lots of spare parts included.

    Asking 56K


    Brokered at Krenzer Marine 

    (315) 860-0933

  2. After several seasons using the fish hawk TD, you will find that actual dive depths change all the time. There is NO one standard. Underwater currents, speed , direction, what your pulling behind it, all affect the depths at any given time or place. That's why the Fishhawk TD is an invaluable piece of equipment for those who want to really dial in as quick as possible on the fish.   

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  3. 150 lb Power Pro here. Yes the fleas can be a pain, but we just squirt them off with the washdown hose as the cable is pulled up. The one thing we did notice is that on the third year of running the power pro, we did lose a 15 lb shark. So now, we just reverse the cable after the second completed year and have had no problems since, even with 20 lb weights.After the second year you will notice a change in the color of the cable as it lightens up presumably from sun and uv exposure and starts to weaken. And yes, the brown trout bite seems to be better with the Pro as On the Lam mentioned. 

  4. Mason wire is .011 in diameter and over the years has been the most durable of all the 20 lb wires that we have tried. The key to not breaking off is to remove any curly cues when they arise which happen when you are catching a lot of fish or tripping your dipseys numerous times.When the fishing is good, we will re-tie every day, especially after doing doubles. Having quality roller rods with tight tolerances such as Shimano Talora's and a quality reels like the Tekota 600 lc's create for a forgiving system perfect for running 20 lb wire.Rick is right about line diameter being everything for cutting through and creating less water resistance as it's pulled through the water. A word to the wise!  Not all 20 lb wire is created equal and line diameter does not equate to equal breaking strength.

  5. We don't use mag rings only mag divers when the temps are below 100ft or more and the standard divers arn't digging. Also we noticed that the Walker divers don't go as deep as the LJ's. We have an article or two addressing diver depths on our website. We have used trig functions to determine depth in real time when trolling. One article explains this as well abd how to calculate it. Using trig has saved the day quite a few times especially when the currents are nasty.

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  6. We run 20 lb Mason wire for most of the season on the East end out of Oswego until the fleas come and then we switch to 30 lb. A regular Lure Jenson diver set on a 2.5 setting will dive almost 2/1 up to about 160ft of wire out. We usually get 100ft down with 280 ft out. Our 600lc  reels are filled to the top! Be advised that we do not run Mag divers on 20 lb wire. We also strip off the pigtails and retie when necessary so that we don't break off.

     There will be days when the currents down below can be reel bad and you just can't get the depth no matter what you do. You will see that in one direction the angle on the wires are really digging while going in the other direction they are not.

    We also run double divers with the 20lb on the inside and the 30 lb on the outside.

  7. This will be our third year using Tekota 700LC reels for our 30lb dipseys. They are filled with Dacron backing and 1000ft of wire. The larger reel and spool size makes bringing in or fighting fish a breeze. We have videos of ten year old kids catching adult kings with these set-ups. Yes, we do change the drags out with the turny masters that we get off of e-bay for like 9 bucks and free shipping. Once you get used to it, the drags can be swapped out in about 20 minutes.

  8. You can calibrate your Fishhawk's speed as well. We have ours calibrated so it matches the Moors and the Cannon SNT which run about the same. Typical X4D's run about .4 mph faster than the others out of the box. Being the same helps when wanting to dial in on a speed thats producing on one of your buddies boats or visa versa.

  9. You most likely will. It's always good to have you come up our way and fish Vince. It would be nice if we could get more of the west end boats to come up and fish our way, especially for the Oswego Pro Am and the Atommik Invitational. I know it's tough when you have to give up charters to participate. Thanks for your support on our end of the Lake.  

  10. We got to field test the Mustad EWG trebles via Atommik Tom a few years ago and they operated flawlessly. They do not break or open up like some of the Owners. He now uses them on his manufactured flies. Hard to beat when used in a tournament tie. The only thing we do different when we tie our own is to not use a snell on the treble but a clinch knot instead.

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