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  1. Mudflat is right. As long as you are fishing in the river proper and for migratory sea run species like herring and striped bass, you just need to have the free marine license. If you are fishing in the creeks off of the river, you need a regular NY fishing license. In all the years that I have been chartering for stripers on the Hudson, there has never been a license issue with the DEC for any of my clients.

  2. Hey Guys. This has to do with fishing the Hudson River and tidal waters of the Hudson which it is all the way up to the Troy dam. Basically the law goes like this. if you are fishing on a charter boat below the Tappenzee Bridge and the Charter boat operator has a party license, you do not need to have a marine license as you are covered by the boat. If you fish above the Tappenzee bridge you do need a marine license even if you fish with a charter. The good news is that the Marine licenses are free and you can get them by calling the DEC or on line.

  3. Use Bert's here too, for  many years. Their customer service is second to none. What I like about them the best is all you have to do is lift up on a dipsey rod and up comes the holder. No buttons to push, no grips to squeeze, no nothing !! Just lift up on the rod. I find that youngsters and women can do this with very little instruction and it makes their charter fishing experience that much more enjoyable.   

  4. Although Alan Tani might disagree, we have two years of hard use on our tournament washers and have been running them dry. SK8man is right on the mark when he says to run them dry or they might stick together. After taking the reels apart to check them out and service them, the dry drags show just a touch of wear, but my guess is that as they wear further, they should get even smoother. The original drags from Shimano come through with grease on them and get sticky when they compress with a hard drag setting.

  5. Are you running the dry washers on your 600,s Jimmy?

    I got 16 or so to do this winter and have been considering going with the dry washers. 




    Capt. Glen Gervais

    Yes Glen, I am. It makes them that much less worry free. I've had a few of the other charters in my marina give me their 600lc's to service. Eventually, the wet drags will need to be serviced by cleaning them and regreasing. If you don't service them, at some time they will begin to get sticky. If I don't get to service the dry drags, it's no big deal. In fact, I usually service my reels once a year anyways and  the one thing that doesn't need any maintenance is the dry drags.

  6. The problem with the Tekotas which only occurs with the 700/800 series has to do with the size of the drag washers that they employ. They are about near the size of a half dollar coin. Will they work just fine as they come from the factory? Yes they will but you have to prep the set-ups the right way. Here's what happens. when you crank the drags down on the Tekotas. The fiber washers and the metal washers compress. Remember that the drag washers are good size. What happens is that the grease that's on the washers( these are wet drags)in between the fiber and the metal washers causes a hydro lock due to the compression. When you back the star drag off, the washers remain stuck together with the grease. Hydro locked!!!  So... The way to combat this other than putting in a dry drag system, is as follows; First back the drag off. Next, put your thumb on the reel spool putting pressure on it so that when you crank the handle  the spool doesn't spin. This maneuver will break the hydro lock free and the drags will work when you reset them. The problem is that if you forget to set the reel up this way every time you put it out, the drags can lock up and create dyer consequences.

      Personally, I will not run a wet drag system on my charter boat. For the $9.00 or so that it costs for the turny drags from Tuna Tom's and the fifteen minutes it takes for me to install them, I think it's well worth the time and effort. We use Tekota 700lc's for our 30lb dipsy set-ups and what a difference it makes, especially for women and children to successfully fight and land our eastern Lake Ontario kings. It also makes it a lot faster for us to reel and or clear these rods with the bigger reels. And yes, they do have the tournament drags in them from Tuna Toms.

       After reading Alan Tani's take on the Saltists reels, it did leave me a little bit confused. Alan is a big fan of running wet drags. I'm wondering if one, the Saltists drags are as big in  circumference as the Tekotas are and two if they are, then should I grease up the turny drags and try them that way?  Right now running them dry for the last couple of years they have been working just fine.  In the reels that I have taken apart to service and inspect, the dry drags are wearing just fine and appear to have several more years of hard use ahead of them. The nice thing is that I don't have to grease the drag washers every year to keep them functioning smoothly. Before I installed the dry drags, I used to have to grease the drags even on my 600lc Tekotas to get them to function silky smooth for the entire season. It's a lot easier when I don't have to!!

  7. The only problem with running 350/500 copper out on a board is that the weight of the 150ft of copper line going out to the board from the boat will drag in the water and mess things up. If you run the 500 on the board and the 350 down the shoot, if the 500 goes you will have to clear the 350 fast or the 500 will end up running into it and making a mess.

  8. Here's an interesting observation that I heard about on another message board and when I checked it out it was true. On the bigger 11" spinnies they list the hole closest to the fin as more action, but on the smaller 8" spiny they list the more action hole as the one away from the fins.

    Like Tim, we usually run them as they come right out of the package. We have had some success running the spinnies set on the second hole from the front, especially when we are running meat speeds.

  9. I had a 15 lb chrome shark for a while (sitting on the bottom now due to an oops on my part), and the reduced blow back was great on it, but honestly, the 16 lb Torpedo Diver weight I'm using now blows it out of the water.  I've never seen a weight with less blow back, even when running that rigger down 160-200', it is amazing.



       Tim with all due respect do you think that the extra pound of weight 16 vs 15 has some effect as well?

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