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  1. If you need to get deeper and do not want to have multiple set ups, take a look at Torpedo weights.  There are multiple sizes which should allow you to fish anywhere in the water column.   We have a 200 ft weighted steel rod and use the shark and snapper weights to get down in that 60-100 ft range. I use the Seagate reel and enjoy being able to clear that line out of the way faster when another rods fires 



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  2. We fished Sunday from 75-85 depths and marked lots of bait and fish.  East wind was blowing pretty good so we stayed in close but heard 250 range and 400 ft was good as well. I would say by early July that 80-150 ft area will be good as well as your off shore steelhead bite. You should be prepared for the arrival of the fleas. As for lures I have caught fish each trip on the UV Stingray gator spoon and green glow flasher with ultra green glow Atomik fly


    good luck



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