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  1. Thanks maniac...found a perfect one!
  2. Hey Guys Where do you find those great fish pictures that alot of you have on your messages? Would like to find some for a new tattoo! Weasel
  3. Hey Guys Thanks for all your great tips. I think I'll go with the Gecko covered in skin so soft. WEASEL
  4. What is your best remedy for those pesky ankle biting flies that seem to really become active especially after you start catching fish? Any good suggestions? WEASEL
  5. Could anyone out there recommend a good Charter for an April trip on the Bar? I'm tired of hearing about how great it is in the spring and want to try it out myswelf. Thanks Weasel
  6. It hasn't stopped snowing here since that stupid "whistle pig" predicted an early spring. Keep posting those pix from last season, they sure do help with the cabin fever!
  7. My favorite fillet knife is the one my buddy's using while he's cleaning all of our fish from that days trip.
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