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  1. Opening week started with a wicked cold and even though I hunted it wasn't the same. Took this decent, thick 10 Tuesday the 29th at 2:45 pm. As a side note I had 2 mature Does 40 yards from me opening day as I was coughing up a lung into my Cough Silencer and they never knew I was there! I thought it was pretty gimmicky but man does it work! 




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  2. Good to know..I'll have to think on it a little and possibly switch..wouldn't be a fun experience without snow!

    I’ve had some like that but after watching a couple videos on u tube I think they aren’t predictable. Fortunately I haven’t lost a deer yet but have had a couple I didn’t find till the next morning and a couple more that went quite a ways with good hits and little or no blood trail.

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