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  1. The Skunk'd Too, a 2006 Starcraft Superfisherman 180 is for sale. Check it out at: http://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/1770492937.html The price is negotiable, especially for LOU members!
  2. I've got one last chance, out of the Genny, this Wednsday before putting up for the winter. Just wondering if should even bother heading out. If I do, any suggestions? Thanks...
  3. How late in the year does the Lake Ontario trout & salmon fishing stay productive? Also, besides from downriggers, are planer boards still part of the program? Thanks for the help.
  4. I've never targeted pike before & I'm planning a short day trip to Conesus Lake tomorrow morning. Just wonder where should I look? Live bait or artifical? Any tips would be greatly appreciated...
  5. I may be planning on taking the kid fishing to Conesus this week. Anything going there?
  6. I'm all set to head out of Genny for the first rip of the season Friday morning. Although it would have been a late start since I've got to get the kid on the school bus. My wonderful wife was quick to point out that the registration had expired on the boat! I spent an hour at DMV Thursday renewing the trailer registration, looks like I'll be back there again.
  7. I recently came upon a set of long arm downriggers. Currently, I have two short arms running off the stern. Whats the best location for the short vs. long? Long off the stern & short off the side, or vice versa? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. We'll be heading out of Genny late tomorrow morning for the last trip of the season. Would anybody be able to offer any tips? Thanks!
  9. Started off early, for a change, today. When we got to the lauch at Genny, a dead battery! Not being superstitous or anything, but perhaps it foreshadowed the day ahead. I made sure to charge it yesterday, but now I've got some investigative work to do. A big thank you to the gentleman & his family with an 18' Tracker launching next to us for letting me borrow his spare battery to get up & running. Well, nothing bit, not even a release. Started in close East of Summerville to Durand in about 25-30', then worked around 110-120' from Genny to I-Bay. If nothing else, it was a beautiful day for a boat ride.
  10. If you're looking for somebody local, try Dan at Adirondack Illustrations; 352-7954. The guy does great work. He does the lettering/decals for a lot of fire trucks, police cars, etc. around Monroe County. He made the name decals for my boat and did some work for my Harleyas well.
  11. What is the address of the website you're referring to? Thanks!
  12. Any thoughts on treble vs. single hooks on trolling spoons? Advantages/disavantages, size, etc. Thanks!
  13. Doozer: Can you tell me where & what's been working? Thanks!
  14. I'm going to taking a break from trolling the "Big O" this week. I was wondering how the pike/tiger muskie fishing is on Conesus Lake. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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