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  1. We ran almost the same program. On the water about 6. Tried the inside with no luck. Ran out to 450 and started a south troll. Hooked into a nice king in 420 Dow on zilla sushi fly and silver glow flasher. After a spirited 20 minute fight boated a 21 lb Canadian king. Had a few releases after with no one home. Slow day overall but still a good day on the water
  2. Does this mean that if you catch a goby, it should not be released back into the lake?? We have had a debate here recently that they should be killed and not released if caught, but I can't find anything specifically in the regulations that says that they should be destroyed (even though I wish they all were...) Can someone point me to the regulation that says this???
  3. As a somewhat new member and infrequent poster the boards, the only problem I have with the original carpedium post is that he is able to catch more fish in an hour than I was able to catch all year!!
  4. This was my thought as well. I think the bend in the spine is accentuating the hump. But, without another photo from a different angle - the world may never know...
  5. We went out on Sunday as well (lake was like glass all day) and trolled in what I am guessing was about 120' of water for the big guys... Really hard trolling blind. We just cozied up to some other boats in the area and ran a few different depths but our improvization turned up nada. The guys near us boated at least one that we saw. Moved back in on the shoal and the perch were still more than happy to cooperate! My son caught a decent size smallie too. Just drop shotting red woms and the occasional minnow. Tried the new Gulp Gobies for a while but the live bait was far more productive. The lake has been a little too active since Sunday for our little boat. Hoping it slows down by the weekend so we can get back out there.
  6. The storm last Monday apparently did in my power cable on my Humminbird fishfinder and I am looking for a replacement. If anyone has one lying around that they want to get rid of or if you know where they might be sold locally, let me know!
  7. The day started on a sour note when the power cable to the fish finder broke. I had planned to troll for trout and and salmon this morning. Trolled around blindly for a hour or until deciding to increase my odds of catching something and parked on the shoal. Landed a 4 pound smallie right away and could see three others follow the bait up to the side of the boat (incredible water clarity today) but couldn't get them to go for it. The real bonus of the day was the perch fishing. I must have boated 20 or more one right after the next. Most were between 10-12". I'm guessing I was in about 12' of water most of the day, but really don't know for sure. Great day on the lake. I'm off to look for a new power cable!
  8. Only got the boat in briefly this weekend because of the weather and no luck. The storms were pretty incredible! Went out tonight and marked a bunch of decent fish 8-10' down in 16-18' feet of water. My son caught a small perch and I, of course caught my limit in gobies. (some of them are getting pretty big!) If the lake cooperates I told my older son that I would take him out tomorrow night (we have a cottage right off the shoal) If that doesn't pan out I might have to trailer the boat down to I-Bay this weekend.
  9. Thanks for the tip on the rig Sindale. I only had the sinker about 6-8" below the hook and it clearly wasn't high enough! Although my son's was set up with the sinker above the hook! I think the bass and the perch took it on the way down because both strikes were immediate. Weather permitting we'll be back at it later this week and throughout the weekend. Keep an eye out for us, I'll be the boat with the kid with a cooler full of fish and the guy furiously throwing back gobies!
  10. After a frustrating weekend of waves that were just too big for our 14' boat, we went out tonight for an hour or so on Wautoma Shoal. On my son's first cast he hooked into this 18" smallie that broke the water twice on the way in and he insisted that I post it. Nothing fancy, just a nightcrawler on a hook. He also caught a 9" perch on the same set-up. Me, nothing but goby after goby... but tommorrow is another day...
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