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  1. 3 pack of Rapid Rail climbing aids. Unused. Light and easy to use. Price reduced to $125 for all 3 sets, or $50 per set.
  2. 3 Loggy Bayou Monarch XL aluminum tree stands. Very light, only 7 lbs each. Seat cushions bad on 2, but web straps are fine. $150 for all 3 or $60 each. Local pick up or can meet if close enough.
  3. The Valero station on Rt 26 south of Vestal and the Quickway on the Vestal Pkwy. across from Target/Outback now have it. The Richford Quickway also. Corner of Rt 38 and 79. Finally, more places in the southern tier.
  4. The truck stop in Lounsberry, NY (between Nichols and Owego) now carries 91 Octane Ethanol Free gas. FYI.
  5. Any idea how much tables are and who to contact? Thanks!
  6. Nice. What its all about, fun, relaxation, and great eating!
  7. Any size to the fish? I've fished the south end but tough to catch anything over 8 inches.
  8. I agree. Invasive species like Rainbow trout and Brown trout need to go. Let the native fish have the lakes back. Lake Trout and Landlock Salmon. Get the Pacific salmon out of the Great Lake while your at it.
  9. It could be from the salt mines and brine wells that have been up there for many many years. Funny how people can be against one thing, and ignore other issues. Most likely another outbreak of VHS, but could be upwelling and ick.
  10. Nice catch! Which lake were you on?
  11. New Yukon TC shelter. I received it as a gift but it is too big for what I need. Asking $400/OBO. This is $75-100 less than stores.
  12. The ice is coming back! This is a hardly used clean shelter. lots of calls, but nobody shows up??
  13. still for sale, minus the dingy and ice making machine.
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