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  1. Hi, 4 all 4 including shipping, $220.00. Please note the one in the upper left has a rectangle mounting plate, the other 3 are square. Thank You.
  2. I will check shipping tomorrow and get you a price. Thank you.
  3. Ram Mount for Electronics $20.00 2 of the holes have been tapped 1/4 - 20. $7.00 shipping. Located in Hamlin, NY
  4. 2 - Spin Doctor Flasher File $25.00 for both Shipping will be actual shipping cost. Located in Hamlin, NY
  5. Cannon Swivel Bases. 4 available. Shipping $10.00 each. Located in Hamlin, NY.
  6. I asked for more pictures and no reply so far. I think you know what I am look for, so please keep your eyes open for me.
  7. Hi, please send me pictures of the engines and engine compartment. Any other pictures would be helpful. Thank you. My cell number is 585-732-9414
  8. I believe I have at least 2 set. I am keeping 1 set for the same reason. Let me know if you would like the other one.
  9. I am looking to buy 1 or 2 Cannon planer board reels.
  10. Hi, I went to the UPS store 2 times and was not able to get in. The last time I shipped downriggers, they were 35.00. If less than that I will refund the difference. If more I will pay the difference. Thank You. Paul.
  11. Hi I can get a cost of shipping tomorrow if you would like. Thank you. Have a good day.
  12. I have 4 Cannon Digi-Troll IV downriggers for Sale. $250.00 each, 4 available Your choice 3 or 5 foot solid booms Each have 3 rod holders Each has a Retro Ease Each has a Down Rigger Cover Power cord to battery not included I have upgraded to the new Cannon Optimum Tournament Series
  13. Monday or Tuesday is best. I can meet you in Brockport or at my house. My cell number is 585-732-9414. Text me what works for you.
  14. Here is one I will always remember. Joe always went out deep first thing. For a few weeks I would start inside and then go out to where he was. One day we left a few minutes early and went deep. He called me on the way out because he did not see me inside. He asked where I was and I told him he will see me soon. When he got out there he said what the f____ are you doing in my water and laughed. He was always willing to help.
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