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  1. Joe was such a great person. When I started chartering, I could call Joe and he would give me advice where the fish were day by day. Through the years a great friendship was born. I liked the morning walking the dock to get ice and Joe was getting his boat ready and we talked a little. He will be missed. This hurts losing such a colorful person. RIP and save a place on your boat when it is my turn to join you.
  2. Just an FYI Tony is an authorized Cannon Repair shop.
  3. He has always found a way to find them for me.
  4. You should still be able to get the touch pad. Check with Tony's Reel Repair, near Buffalo.
  5. 2 Okuma Magda Pro MA45DX $70.00 for both $10.00 shipping
  6. (3) Okuma Mega Pro MA 30 DX Good working condition Faded from the sun $15.00 shipping
  7. Diawa Sealine 47LC Fading from the sun In good working condition Shipping $10.00
  8. Hi, this sold, I will be putting another one on soon. Thank You Paul
  9. Diawa Sealine 47LC In good working condition. $40.00 plus $10.00 shipping
  10. Hi how much is shipping to 14464. Thank You Paul;
  11. Okuma Magda Pro MA 45dx Wire Not sure how much wire is on this reel. I thing about 700 feet. Shipping $10.00 US.
  12. Diawa Sealine Great Lakes 47lc. Shipping $10.00.
  13. (2) Okuma Maga Maga Pro MA 30dx Some fading from the sun. Shipping $15.00.
  14. Okuma MA 30 DX Line Counter $30.00 Some fading from the Sun. Good working condition. $11.00 Shipping.
  15. Diawa Sealine Great Lakes 47LC Spooled with wire for dipsy diver. $11.00 shipping.
  16. Great, I will be there later this week. I have a few more if you are interested. Text me you name and phone number. My number is 585-732-9414.
  17. Hi, I will take them, let me know how you want me to pay. Thank You Paul
  18. Diawa Sealine Great Lakes 47LC. In good working condition. Little fading from the sun. $11.00 shipping Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.url Car Wash Feb..pdf Car wash January.pdf
  19. Jiffy power auger blade kit. 9" Model 3539. New in Package. $6.00 shipping
  20. Strata Maxx Reel STMX-30, this was a gift and does not match my other reels. Shipping $11.00, US only .
  21. Pyle 3.5" Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers, NIP. 200 Watt.
  22. New in package Allen Right hand fall away rest, #173.
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