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  1. Thanks Tradman. I thought it was a lost cause. I'll call them today.
  2. I have 8 of these rod holders and small sections of track. I would like a large section 4'-6'. I cannot find them anywhere online. I purchased them about 10 years ago from somewhere near Port Clinton. Any one know who makes them or maybe someone has the track? Thanks
  3. I am trying to find the older style kwikfish in k8 and k9 in any pattern with silver as the base color.
  4. I recently purchased four spools of 30lb fireline to load my linecounters for diver trolling. When I spooled up the first reel I noticed that although the reel should hold 290 yds of 14lb, it only takes about 2/3 of the spool. Its supposedly 12lb mono equivalent. When I compared the fireline to mono lines its more like 15 to 17 lb diameter. That really pissed me off, now I have four spools that I wasted money on because I'll only get 200 yds on a spool. The advantage of small diameter is lost because I've used 20lb mono for years. Anyway I just wanted to vent.
  5. I have a motorguide excel 82 lb that came with a boat I purchased. The guy I bought it from said it needed to be rewound however I doubt it since it is digital and won't turn when I use the pedal. All I get is a "click" when I connect power. To replace this with something comprable would be around $800, I want to have it fixed. Anyone know where I can get it looked at? Has anyone had similiar problems with there motorguide? It is model ex82sp.
  6. I was browsing ebay and found these rodholders. I ordered two sets, they each came with four feet of track and four rod holders. I researched before I purchased them. They aren't the best out there by any means but I've used them in my buddies boat with dipsies for two years without any problems. Definately worth checking out. I don't know if Im breaking any rules in posting this, just thought it could benefit some people here. Here is the companies site link- http://www.lakelandproducts.com/ Ebay Item- Cut and paste this in ebay search- 4 foot rodholder trac slide system 4 your boat (silver)
  7. The molds I've made are similiar to the one MANIAC has shown. Its more work but much more satisfying when you use a sinker that you made the mold for. It seems like MANIAC has got you on the right track. The only problem I ever ran into was the bit binding from all the debri the bit pushes up. The idea of the spacers is great. Go slow and think ahead. I made one perfectly symectrical, then tried to make a cavity for the brass eyelets and ruined it.
  8. I tried to find a 1oz mold for six months to use for winter steelhead. I ended up finding a brand new one on ebay made by penn. It was pretty expensive. Ive made a few by drilling out aluminum blocks that were clamped together, with limited success. I have a 1oz mold and also have the do it mold that makes 1.25, 1.75, 2.5. Let me know if you want me to pour you a bunch, can't part with the mold however. We can work something out.
  9. The smelt run has begun on the niagara river.
  10. I went smelting last night on the Niagara. Netted 3 over three hours (11-2). Water temp is a bit low on my end of the lake. I usually wait until the river gets up to around 39-40 degrees. They should come in after the next good rain or a week or so of good weather. Last year at this time they were in thick.
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