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  1. my 86 wellcraft's 230 merc has finally passed on ..anyone know of another,or a decent 350?
  2. Thanks guy's,will that disturb the signal at trolling speeds (half arches)??
  3. What type of mounting did you use thru hull,shoot thru or transom??
  4. I have a lowrance hds,is there a transducer available that can show bait and hooks at cruising speeds,any help would be great...thank's..
  5. I have a Lowrance HDS,if I switch to a thru hull transducer will it show bait and hooks at cruising speeds?If so what one should I get?
  6. can anyone tell me where to purchase a rocket launcher set up,or do all of you guy's custom build your own?Thank's......................Eric
  7. Late start this am, left the dock at 8:20 am,motored out to 250 fow off shipbuilders creek.Trolled back towards the bay until 186 fow and then took a double header of 10lb steelies.The first one took a monkey puke stinger 20ft back and 20ft down,the second grabbed a f-11 b/s rapala off the board 180ft back.Surface temp was 49dg speed was 2.3.They both showed themselves as steelies will do but the one off the rigger shot out like a rocket,at least a 7 or 8 ft leap.We searched the area for the next two hrs with nothing,screen was blank so we bagged it for the day.The action only lasted around 15min but well worth the trip..
  8. Paul,are you for real with the 25 kings?That's awesome!The browns have been pretty steady for us but no screamers yet, at least not on my boat. some other guy's have caught a few ,ours will come.I have a few more weeks left of un-in-joy-ment.Let me know when and I will make the trip.
  9. Flipped a coin this morning...heads..longbeard...tails...browns..it was tails.7:00 till 9:30am trolled from Irondequoit pier to shipbuilders creek,9 to 12 fow.Temp was 49 to 50 dgr, 9 for 11 all browns 4-7lbs no lamprey scars.Smithwick rainy river minnow 175ft back down the chute took 5 of the 9 landed.F-11 b/s rapalas and b/s thunder sticks off the boards took the rest.Speed was 1.8 to 2.2,all are still swimming except two..Not one of the 20+fish days I have been hearing about ,but still a great time for a couple rookies .I have some pics from today of a couple of them ,but still new to the site and had a little trouble posting them.Having mornings off during the week has to be the ONLY perk I can see about working B-SHIFT..
  10. Paul,I know what you mean about having plenty of time to fish.Im am also a third generation tinknocker, out of local #46 in Rochester, waiting for a couple of big jobs to start.The only thing with that is most of my trips are solo.Not that I mind going alone,but another two rod's in the spread sometimes makes a BIG difference.To bad were on the oppisite sides of the world we could probably do some good #s of fish with the time on the bench..Eric
  11. Hello fellow anglers,my boat is the skunkmenot.23ft wellcraft sportsman,black bimi top.I dock at Mayers on Irondequoit bay.This is a great site with alot of quality info...Glad to be part of it...Looking foward to a great season!....Eric...
  12. I also dock at mayers,and also in the hvac bis.Boat is 23ft wellcraft sportsman,black bimi top boat named the SKUNKMENOT not labeled yet..Just a rec lure washer
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