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  1. check classified i just listed my boat paul
  2. 16' x 54 Willie drift boat for sale. Boat was made in 2008 and delivered to Pulaski NY in Feb 2009. UVHM bottom, deluxe seats, lots of storage, 9'6" polcat oars with a break down spare, heater, diamond plated floor, 30Lb anchor painted trailer (showing some rust), cover, boat is great shape. I will post picture soon. Asking $7750 boat is located in Pulaski NY Thank You Paul
  3. Guys, Thanks for the info. I will definitely give it a try soon. Glow spoons/plugs will be the key. wshot
  4. I am planning to take my boat night fishing once the kings are closer to the mouth of Salmon River. I am trying to get all the gear ready. What do you guys use? Glow spoons and plugs which types/color combo? How deep do you go out and do use riggers or just flat line? Thanks p.
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