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  1. My buddy and I were in the area this past weekend. Even though we did not land a lot in the boat, I must say the weather was absolutely beautiful compared to last year at this time. Came in on Thursday and fished Oswego river, trolled for 'eyes until about 5:30AM. Marked a ton of fish all over the place but wasn't able to get and hits. did not see anyone picking up fish. After day break went out to see if any more browns were hanging in the shallows. Trolled for 15 minutes and thick fog rolled in on me. I said the heck with it and headed in. I did not want to get disoriented and go "out to sea" in my 17 footer. Fished Oneida on Friday and Saturday, picked up 2 small 'eyes, 2 rock bass, a carp, a pickeral, and about a dozen perch. No one seemed to have a lot fo luck there either for 'eyes. Only heard of two other baots catchign any at all. All of our ctach was in the shallows from 4-12 feet. I some how lost my electric on my fishfinder, live well, fuel gauge, lights, etc. on Saturday. I think I either jarred a wire loose or my contol panel has a glitch. I will need to trace anmd troubleshoot the wiring. That should be fun! On Sunday, just for kicks we hit the Salmon river by the ballfield to see if we could hook up with a steelie that may be lingering around. Saw a good number of nice size (not huge) steelies in the river. Hooked up one and missed two more on red worms, caught about 6-8 suckers and numerous smolt. Overall, the trip was great. I would like to have caught some keeper 'eyes and had a couple in the cooler but no luck. Stayed at Deer Creek Motel, this was our first time there. I truly enjoyed my stay. They are really nice people, I will definitely stay there again. Tight lines and safe fishing, Arrow_man
  2. Thanks for the info. I think I will chance it and get up there as soon as I can to get the boat in the water. Unfortunately I only get up about once a year. I started my motors again in the driveway with the muffs and neither my 60 or my 15 seemed to want to stay running for long. I am hoping that once I open them up on the water instead of just idling them that they will be okay. But if you see a smokercraft Fazer drifting along, I probably need assistance! Just kidding. I should be fine. Both the 60 and the 15 were serviced this past winter. I probably was not patient enough to let them run and warm up this evening. Tight lines and safe fishing, Arrow_man
  3. Thanks for the info. Any other lures you tried? Also when did you go out. I am planning on being up there tomorrow and putting the boat in the river once my buddy and I get there. Any and all info is greatly appreciated. Arrow_man
  4. Hello everyone, my buddy and I will be in the area of Pulaski, Oswego, and Oneida area tomorrow night through Sunday and I was wondering about any reports of 'eyes. I was thinking about hitting the Oswego River when we get there but I am hearing that the water is still a little cold. Is it worth busting my hump to get there early evening or should I take my time? Also I am thinking about Sandy Pond and fishing Oneida for a while. If you have any info on those areas it would be greatly appreciated. My main targeted species this trip would be for some 'eyes. Tight lines, and safe fishing. Arrow_man
  5. Hello all, Yes, I am new to the site. I have only fished NY for three years. I live in PA and I am originally from Pittsburgh. I have numerous lakes in PA and many trout streams. I must say, I love coming up to NY to fish. I have only fished for walleye's so far. I have fished in Oneida Lake and Owego river for eyes. I am coming up this weekend to hopefully catch some eyes. I will have my 17 ft smokercraft. I had a smaller boat until lastyear. It is an older model (1989 Fazer). But it does the job. If you see a Smoker Craft Fazer with a 60 hp johnson and a 9.9 jophnson kicker, stop by and say hi! Any reports on catches or tips for fishing Oswego, Oneida, Sandy pond or other places is greatly appreciated. My buddy and I will be on these waters Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday. We will need to figure out when we are going to sleep. Good luck to all, tight lines, and safe fishing. arrow_man
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