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  1. Found one Friday floating approximatly 8 miles north of Oswego. With the west winds early last week it could have come from anywhere. Send me a PM if you are the owner
  2. Observer needed for Oswego Pro-Am 7/11 and 7/12 IM or text me at 315-345-6241 Thanks Bill
  3. Ugggggg, I hope you are wrong as It was previously posted as the Saturday prior. I do not remember him ever having it on a Memorial Day Weekend.
  4. 23 NK’s. All Mags except one 3 original Suttons: # 66, # 88, (# 44, not paper thin version), 2 new Rapalas in box 11 inch Challenger slasher new, 7 Challenger bait heads new 8 other miscellaneous spoons $40 plus $15 shipping, or pickup in Syracuse, or I will be in Mexico one day week of 4/6
  5. Try this website: http://www.thehulltruth.com/semperfifishing-135/ Anything and everything you want to know about transducers. Also Gil is a pleasure to deal with, very responsive and excellent prices if you chose to purchase from him
  6. 5 dead deer in one area seems a little suspicious. Have you contacted an Encon Officer assigned to that area? It may have been a bunch of punks shooting deer for fun at night with small caliber rifles. Encon may have suspects they are watching or even have arrested for the same crime near your location . Your phone call may result in assisting the investigation or additional charges if they already have them. At the very least they will keep an eye on the are in the future. PM me if you want a contact.
  7. Please call me at 315-345-6241 if interested. Thanks Bill
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