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  1. gbj92 wrote: I hunt in area 8t canisteo/ howard area and the deer numbers have gone in half the last 2 years. Last weekend between 4 of us we hardly saw anything,1 spike and very few doe. Few scrapes or rubs. The farm next to us is at least 500 acres and he lets nobody hunt and very few deer are in his fields. Is anyone else hunting in this area and having the same problem?We've talked to other hunters around bath and everyone has the same problem.We do have alot of pics of nice bucks but not alot of doe or small bucks. I hunt the same area and sightings are way down from previous years. It was pretty bad here last year with the warm weather. The only other time I've seen it this slow was several years ago. Half way through gun season I found out from a reliable source that a neighboring farmer was issued 30 deer damage permits and filled them all! It was a pretty slow year! I'm off for 3 weeks starting Sunday and I'll be at it full time then. I'm hoping things pick up after Sandy blows on out of here.
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