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  1. went camping Aug 16 this summer at cedar point state park. On the way up we stopped at the walmart in oswego to get some camping food and i had to drag the girl to the fishing section. I picked up a heavy 3in firetiger spoon. The camping weather was awful, we werent even alowed to rent a boat. So to the fishing pier it was with rain/wind etc. fifth cast and i hooked into a quality northern from shore! the firetiger spoon had a silver back side.
  2. breeders919

    Canal walleyes

    We live very close the the Ayrault road ramp(fairport) with our dock near the oxbow, we do very well on the walleye and pike trolling near the rocks with red crankbaits.
  3. it was probably attracted to those damn silly bands. im just messing around. i hope she end up ok, those fish are crazy
  4. i went today and WOW ive never seen walleye or pike swim upstream before, it was a really cool thing to watch i was watching for about an hour haha. It was incredible, very large walleye in the hundreds all over the place, many of them up at the dam, I also saw a few good sized pike up at the dam and i did notice one or two further down the stream. I noticed that fishing is not allowed, I had my pole in the car and i was so tempted to break the laws. just kidding
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