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  1. FYI Garmin has been shutdown temporarily by an encryption virus.  They have been down for 3 days and they are being told they have to pay ten million for there data to be unencrypted.  That means no support, data uploads from gps and watches,ect.  It’s ugly and pilots are having issues with flight plans, runners data is unavailable and possibly lost.   But more scary is encryption viruses often are used to hide evidence of data intrusion and theft.  Can’t wait to get full story.

  2. Yeah, I heard they went through, not happy but would have rolled with it from a pen project but it's a slap in the face to take the kings away and expect us to put the effort in to the steelhead.  I completely agree with mothballing the pens.  Our private pens get put away and come back out when the kings comeback, they should not be "repurposed" . It is what little leverage we will ever have at getting a pen project for Kings back.

  3. 5 hours ago, Silver Fox said:

    “Survival rate”. Their full of s?!t. Something stinks. I guess they don’t need our data from Sandy and Brockport State College now. I’m done volunteering. Just another kick in the gut.....



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    I am not doing Steelhead pens, especially if the new regs go in.  Kill pens for kings and ask me to raise fish you don't want me to catch.  Uh hell no!

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  4. I was contemplating trying to create one about a year ago that was Lake Ontario centric but honestly I wasn't sure I would have the time to put in to it.  My original plan was to try to do interviews with Charter Captains, Local lure manufactures, Marina and mechanic interviews/ Q&A with possible reports , news, ect.

  5. Call it vindictive or call it fair play closing the Salmon River to protect the salmon spawn has merit.  Realize to Lake fisherman fisherman, every salmon is becoming very important after the additive cuts the last few years.  So just as the trib guys want the numbers of steelies in the creeks to be as high as possible for there fishing opportunities the lake guys want the same for the kings.  SoThey use the mindset that steelhead is managed for trib fishing and they say that the kings are managed for the lakes.  So they have not told lake guys we can’t fish or catch steelhead but they will change and shape the regulations to reduce and limit the steelhead catch on the lake.  The lake guys are not saying trib guys can’t fish for kings just maybe there should not be fishing for them on the salmon river, other streams would be open for business.  The only major trib in NY state where it’s proven natural reproduction occurs is the Salmon River,(yes there are a few other small tribs that do some natural reproduction but it only on ideal years and statically not worth mentioning.) On top of that, when these 20 percent cuts occur it’s not 20 percent for every port that gets stocked.  It’s less than that on the salmon and more at other sites to offset the salmon getting less of the cuts.  Why?  Because the DEC gets concerned if they cut to much from the Salmon river they may come up short of salmon take for hatchery needs.  Sounds like the DEC is saying the Salmon River needs special attention.  So why not protect that brood stock on the salmon river.  If we are going to designate which fish is managed for where then let’s come up with sound plans on both sides, not just one side.

  6. I don’t get it.  The big stream guys bust everybody's chops about spot burning but when it’s one of there own no comment.   I get protecting the smaller less widely known streams but shouting out about a run in the Genny or be it the Niagara or Salmon River is crazy.  Even the newest fisherman to the state can easy find those are given stream for a run.    There seems to be a small elitist group of stream fisherman who want to write the rules and pretend they represent all people who fish a creek, stream or river.  I met some great, helpful and teaching guys on the river and streams in the nineties.  When I got back into Lake fishing again after some time off I had a lot of terrible interactions with stream guys who thought they had the only proper way to fish the tribs and they were the keeper of the tribs for everyone.  I don’t what know happened to those good helpful stream guys in the years I didn’t fish but it wasn’t good.  It’s everyone’s resource, fish your way and let other fish there’s as long as it’s legal.

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  7. 16 hours ago, King Davy said:

    But I’m fishing around bait and gear guys on the Salmon, Maxwell, Salmon creek, Mill, Irondequoit, Genny, Sandy, the Oak and Johnson. And Lindsey and I have out fished them which rarely happens bait VS swinging several times. Which means we may together catch three or four fish.


    This seems a lot more like trib spot burning than telling people the Genny gets a run.

  8. I would think acting like this any using profanity and calling successful Charter Captains in the "fraternity", old and washed up will not endear you to the network you so want to be part of and hope to help you.  I can tell you Scott is well respected despite the barbs jokingly throw around here.  I know for a fact you just destroyed some bridges with other captains out that there that just read these posts.  Nothing wrong with being young and having motivation but disrespecting those established in the business is just the wrong path to go. 

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  9. 15 minutes ago, Busy B 123 said:

    I will be trailing my boat up in 2 weeks and staying at Sandy Pond.  Will there be a place I will be able to launch?

    This is Sandy Creek in Hamlin, NY.  Way west of where you are talking about.

  10. Everybody talks speed but here is an example of the temp from a Fishhawk being the difference.  Two years ago I went out with a friend on a crappy cool rainy day late July.  We stayed inside and worked 35-40 water with great temp for browns.  We put a pretty good beating on them.  As the day wore on the temp started moving out deeper and so did the browns.  Nothing in the sky and the air temp led us to believe the shift would occur as fast as it was to deeper water.  But without the down temp we would not have been able to stay on those browns as they moved out deeper with the water temp.  Its not just about find the perfect water for the species because yeah you will catch fish out of temp.  But its also situations like this I am glad I have a Fishhawk for down temp and speed.

  11. These new regs are managing the fishery by the few who abuse it.  An extremely large majority of Lake guys are not leaving there dock every day or weekend with the thought I hope I can put a pounding on the steelhead.  The thought process is lets find those kings and have a great time.  The steelhead are a fallback or by-catch product for most during the season with the early spring being the exception.  I love the fight of a steelhead and my absolute my best memory of Lake O is catching my first one and its rise from 45 feet deep and jumping twice before the rigger popped., but having said that my boat is equipped and rigged to chase Kings first and foremost. The stream fishing is not being demolished by the lake guys.  Steelhead and brown trout fishing in streams are way more affected by guys putting up nets at night at Sandy Creek ,snaggers and guys taking more than there limit to go back to NYC or guys who just want eggs for their good time on the streams.  So to compensate for :these "few" abusers and what they are doing to a population of stream fished just penned in a small area waiting to be abused in numbers by these guys we are going to take fish away from the honest fisherman.  That is very much managing the fishery for the bad guys.  


    Most of us talking about this, whether lake or trib fisherman are ethical anglers, but the poaching problem is not a lake issue its a trib issue and it is the biggest problem for the quality fishing experience in the tribs.  As the trib guys like to point out you have the numbers but that also has to do that the cost of entry to trib fishing is low compared to the lake.  That means a lot more numbers but some of those numbers lend themselves to the type of people making a quick buck on the cheap and lower morals groups of anglers.  Not all trib guys are the same, and the guys claiming to represent them only represent the much smaller group of ethical ones.

  12. This bill just proves that when two areas of a state are so completely different  that they should not longer be ruled as one state.  Somebody from one of the largest cities on Earth has zero understanding of the lifestyle of rural people and just the same rural people can't understand the challenges in living in a large city.  So why should one decision be forced for such dramatically different life styles,  This bill is NYC people stating the life views based on their environment on people who don't share their life style.  If this is continue just being one state then more laws and rules need to be created at a local / county level and less at a state level.  State laws need to be made only for situations that are common for the whole state.

  13. 48 minutes ago, Gator said:

    I'm researching pellet smokers and wondered if anyone has some guidance they could share. Based on in silico analysis (lol), it looks like Mak's "The General" and RecTec's "The Bull" may be good options, but I'm open to alternatives. Great temperature control and the ability to make changes via a cell phone app are appealing features, as is stainless 302 construction. I know that pellets produce a less intense smoky flavor, but what's the consensus? Yeah or nea? I'd also like to be able to smoke fish without just baking them, but it looks like the lowest operating temperature is in the 200F range. Great for meat, but less so for fish. Offset smoker box? 


    Who has what and how do you feel about it? What do you smoke (that's a loaded question, but keep it clean lol)? Thanks!

    One way to get more smoke flavor that I know a lot of people do is they get these smoking tubes they fill with pellets and run them with the grill.  Great forum for smoking is BBQ Brethern.

  14. Green Mountain Grills is having a Black Friday sale to December 1st.  Looking at the Daniel Boone myself, $399 non wifi or 499 with wifi.    Wasn't really looking until I saw the sale, just got to figure out if I have the spare change with shipping.

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