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  1. Got a chance to buy back a 1992 Penn Yan 255 Intruder that I sold back in 2002. Stringers are soft and the lower part of the transom is too. Has anyone on here attempted doing this work themselves? Just wondering about how to approach this if I do it. I think the stringers are good from the front of the fuel tank towards the bow. Looks like the options are remove all the screws under the rub rail and take the top off or just cut the floor out enough to access the bad stringers and lower part of the transom. Then I would glass the floor back in. Has anyone attempted this? I'd like to know how much time and money it took if you did. I'm also interested in if you might have hired it done on a boat like this and how much that cost and what they did to fix it. Thanks

  2. We fished Henderson 4 days last week. There are some Kings there. We got two on Tuesday 16 to 17 pounds, five on Thursday (2 were little guys), none on Friday (dropped the biggest one of the week) and two of Saturday (one little guy). We pretty much just stayed on the King program but we did pick up 9 lakers and 7 browns in the process. Water was pretty warm. Caught most of the Kings down 120 to 130 feet in 130 to 150 feet of water. Current was really bad.

  3. Looking for advise about trolling with the duo prop outdrive. I understand they are a little more efficient and was wondering if that would also mean I might not be able to get down as slow for trolling. I'm sure there must be some guys on here using them. Any information would be appreciated. Anything else about them I might want to know? I like the looks of a boat that has one on it but I've never had anything but Mercruiser drives.



  4. Put a different prop on and see if it still does it. I had one that would spin for a second and then catch when I powered up. It usually only happened after the boat had sat on the trailer for a while and the hub was dry. I changed it and the problem went away. I'm told that they can fix them if they have not been damaged much.

  5. If I were you, I'd trailer my boat to Sackets Harbor or Henderson Harbor if you are looking for Salmon right now. Due to family medical problems, I haven't been there this year but I've been seeing good reports from there. I know Kings have been in the trench for a while. I'd think you would find them somewhere there. Look for boats. I'd think they would still be in the trench but it is getting to the time when they could be near or in the Black River bay. Run flasher/fly combos off your riggers. Dipsys are ok if there's not much boat traffic but if boats are thick in there, you're asking for trouble with dipsys.

    Good luck and thank your soon to be son-in-law for his service!

  6. While there are other things that could be wrong, best bet is your transducer is no good. I've replaced a quite a few of them on my LXC15MT and my LMS520C. I've had that same problem of them going bad over the winter. Work fine in the fall and then no good in the spring. Also had some fail midseason. So far I haven't had any transducer troubles since I swapped to the HDS5 but it is really a backup to my Furuno, so I'm not using the sonar part of it very much. Just using it for the GPS. The word seems to be to get an airmar transducer for your unit and your troubles will be over....so they say. Fortunately, most of the transducers that I replaced were covered by Lowrance, so I never bothered to get the airmar. However, if I do have to by a new one, I will go with the airmar for a few extra bucks. My Furuno uses an airmar and it works great.

  7. Islander owners,

    I have a 95 221v Islander and when you fill the live well the boat really leans to the port side. Would trim tabs fix this? Have you ever experienced this? I too was thinking of trim tabs to stabilize the boat.(I've moved people around to level boat out ). Starcraft Islander is the best boat I've ever owned. Great on fuel and catches a ton of fish!!! :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes::yes: Adk1 please keep us informed in what you decide to do. Thanks.


    Trim tabs should take care of that problem, if you get the correct size, but only when the boat is on plane. They will not help when not on plane.

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