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  1. I had the same thing happen years ago and also got lucky and retrieved the rod. I actually saw it go and stopped the boat. It was calm. Your idea of spreading the pulleys on the mast should help some if you can make it sturdy. I have two masts, one on each side of the boat near the windshield. That keeps them about 8 feet apart. Even with this, though, you still have to be careful. Keeping your mast as far forward and your rods as near the stern as you can will help. I've always thought that "innerline" rods would be best for planer board fishing as there are no eyes but it would be costly to replace all 8 of them.

  2. I remember that. Our 38 pounder was #21 I believe. We did have the second place lake trout at 25 pounds and 2 ounces though. And they were caught on two consecutive days by husband and wife clients of mine. Those stand as the biggest laker and king that have ever come over the transom of my boat! The laker was #1 until the last day. Got beat by 4 ounces if I remember right.

  3. Gander Mountain has them online for $760 without the transducer. They also are giving $100 off for any purchase over $500 until 12/7/11. I bought one this way last winter at about this same time. Merry Christmas to me! Also free shipping. Still have to ge the transducer though.

  4. I bought a new Nissan Marine 115HP a few years ago and I love it. It sips gas compared to any outboards I've ever had. It has some nice features. It's a 2-stoke with low pressure fuel injection. The oil reservoir is on the engine under the cover with an access through the top incase you need to add oil on the water. It trolls nice and has plenty of power. It also has a feature that when you push in on the key it changes rpm's. There are three different rpms that you can change to by just pushing the key. When I got mine they were a couple thousand less than most other outboards plus I got a good deal on a hold-over. Tohatsu and Nissan are both the same. Anyway, thats my two cents worth. I don't know if there are any dealers around that area. I live in Maine and got mine at a dealer near the coast. Lots of lobstermen use them up here. I have a friend in NY who uses the smaller ones on his duck boats, so there must be a dealer around there. I can ask him if you want.

  5. I had the same problem after I finally figured out how to delete the old tracks. You have to create a new track and sitting here at the computer, I can't remeber how to do it but once you do, it will start drawing again. Next time I'm in the boat, I will look at it and let you know how to do it. The older units, just automatically started a new on for you but the HDS units don't.

  6. Replacing wire is not a fix if the problem is just that the riggers are old and tired. If the riggers were working fine and don't work well now, then the problem is more likely corroded or bad connections rather than undersized wire unless the riggers are just worn out. I had problems like that when I had cannons and I found that the problem was the connections in my receptical box. I cleaned them up and they worked fine. Also, the plugs that come with the cannons became corroded easily. I had to replace a few of them also.

  7. If they worked ok before but not now, I'd say corroded connections somewhere in the wiring. If it's a new instaltation, it sounds like undersized wiring. Either way, the problem results in low voltage at the rigger, causing them to work too hard and stop. Also could be low battery voltage but I'd think you would have noticed that in more ways than just poor rigger performance.

  8. Same here Harold. About 25 lines on both numbers. I can't find any way to fix it. Lowrance did this conversion with the LMS 520 and it is within 1 line or so. Don't know why they can't do it with the HDS units. I wish they would just add an option to put in a correction for the Loran numbers. The Lat Lon numbers are right on. I'd say call and complain. I don't think there are a lot of us using this feature so they aren't getting many complaints. If more of us complain about it then maybe they will fix it. It's not your unit, so don't let them try to talk you into sending it back. They tried that with me.


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