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  1. Great report! I'm in the market for a new boat and I'm looking at Dual Consoles for all around versatility. From your pictures, it looks like you might be fishing out of one. If you don't mind me asking, could you let me know the model, length, beam, engine size, and how it fishes. Any drawbacks? Positives? Thanks for any info. you can share! Chris
  2. Thanks guys for the info. Chowder- I remember meeting you at Cayuga one year. Hopefully all is well. Chris
  3. Hi, I'm heading up to fish out of Sodus this Tues.- Sun. We'll be fishing Lake O. but always like to head over to the Finger Lakes for a couple of trips. Will be targeting trout and salmon and would like to know which of the lakes you'd recommend for this time of year. Would rather catch size over quantity. I've fished Owasco and Cayuga in the past and done okay but have never tried Seneca,Keuka or Canandaiuga. Just was wondering what you guys would recommend for this time of year. Can I fish light line or are the fleas still bad? Lastly, I don't know the area very well and if you could recommend the best ramps, depths etc.. it would be greatly appreciated. Your area is a fisherman's paradise and I look forward to my annual trip with great anticipation. Take Care, Chris
  4. Hi, Let me start of by saying that I appreciate any advice that I get through this site. Posters on here definitely know their "stuff" and I value that a great deal. I'm looking to book a charter out of Sodus Bay for the month of August. I'll be looking to target kings and any bonus trout available at this time of year. Who would you recommend as a charter out of this port? Thanks very much for any tips and advice!
  5. Hi guys, I just got back from my trip to NY and I can't thank eveyone enough for the advice you gave me. I had a friend who's had some tough luck health wise and his son with me and I felt added pressure to put them on fish. You guys definitely helped me do it and I'm grateful for that. We got blown off Lake Ontario so the Finger Lakes were our saving grace. We fished both Cayuga and Owasco twice and caught some nice fish. Cayuga: Our biggest Lakers ran up to 7.5 lbs with the average being about 4 lbs. The atlantic salmon were cooperating as well but most were on the small side(14-17"). The 2 biggest were 2.8 lbs and one beauty at 4.4 lbs. We managed 2 rainbows 2.5 lbs and 3.4 lbs. The salmon and rainbows put on quite an aerial display! I couldn't find the browns. I fished 2-3 miles north and south of the plant and I would say that the lakers were biting the best anywhere from 30- 85' down. Owasco: Caught some nice lakers but they were smaller. Average was 3lbs and biggest was just under 5lbs. Caught a nice rainbow around 3.7 lbs and probably the nicest fish was a 6.6 lb walleye caught at 4:30 pm! No browns here as well. Chowdahead: I have a 2007 Navionics Platinum chip. Cayuga and Owasco were not in platinum detail but that doesn't mean it's not now. Call Navionics to check it out for their 2008/2009 chips. With that said I still got very precise depth contours from both lakes that were spot on. They just weren't the 1 foot contours that the platinum detail gives. I was able to straddle the dropoffs and stay out of trouble. I run a Humminbird 997 SI with this chip. If you can get a Navionics Platinum chip for Cayuga I highly recommend it. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Not sure if it's compatible with Lowrance or not. Once again, get in touch with Navionics to see what they have to offer. Thanks again and it was nice talking to you at the launch. Once again I can't thank you guys enough for all your help and advice. Getting blown off Lake O. was depressing and you guys definitely helped turn that into a rewarding trip. Take Care and good luck! You guys have an awesome fishery!
  6. Thanks so much guys. This is exactly the info. I was looking for. Hopefully the weather cooperates.
  7. Rustyrat, What can I say! You're the man! Now I feel like I have a clue as to where to start my search. Thanks again!
  8. Rustyrat, Perfect advice and thanks alot for it. How far from the launch is the plant? One last thing, what's a cheater? Up here in NH we stack the downriggers to get more lines out. Is that what you're referring to?
  9. Hi, I posted previously and got some great advice. I'm heading up your way on Thurs. and just wanted to make sure I start off in the right area. I'll be driving from Oswego and it sounds like the best place to launch for salmon/trout would be Myers Point? Is this the best place for me to start my search? Should I troll north from this spot? Should I troll on this shoreline or head over to the western shoreline? How far is the power plant from Myers point? This is a big piece of water by my standards and I just want to maximize my time catching fish and not doing as much searching. Any last minute tips would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Rob and Splitshot, Thanks so much for your replies. Very concise and specific! I'm very grateful that fellow anglers are always willing to lend a hand and give great advice. I can't wait to give it a go!
  11. Thanks to Rustyrat and The Remedy for all your help. It sounds like Cayuga may be the better alternative to Owasco. What route would I take from Oswego to get to the launch on Meyers Point? Also, what is the average size for trout and salmon on Cayuga? I like to run 8-10lb test of my riggers and leadcore when not on Lake Ontario. Am I asking for trouble if I go this light? Lastly, what size body of water is Cayuga vs. Owasco? I really appreciate all of your input to get me pointed in the right direction.
  12. Hi, I'm heading up to fish Lake O and the Finger Lakes from Aug.14-20th. I'll be staying in Oswego and would like some advice on which of the Finger Lakes to try for trout and salmon. Last year I tried Owasco and did really well on lakers and also caught a nice rainbow, walleye, and brown. I stopped by Bass Pro before fishing and they all said don't go to Owasco and that the fishing isn't that good there. I was surprised because I thought it was great when you compare it to NH and ME fishing. My question is whether or not there's a much better option to try that's not too far from Oswego(about the same distance that Owasco is)? I know nothing about the other lakes so any advice as to what launches, depths, setups, speeds, and lures to use would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there a lake that's good for sizable pike(10lbs plus) at this time of the year in the same general vicinity? You guys have some of the best fishing in the country right in your "backyard" and I look forward to my yearly trip out there with great anticipation. Thanks, Chris
  13. Lyk2fish, I'm glad you were able to experience some of the great fishing we had and it was much too shortlived for me. Sounds like I missed the hot bite over on Lake O. by about a week. Oh well, there's always next year. The weird thing is I hate the taste of fish. I try to release as many as possible if they have a chance. If not , I make my neighbors very happy. I love to catch them and the bigger the better. Best of luck for the remainder of the year to all on this board. I guess I'll have to settle for our smaller NH. fish. Thanks, Chris
  14. Lumberjohn, Thanks for the quick reply. I'm just trying to figure out a way where NH. could grow their fish as large as yours in NY. We too have glacier lakes but our avereage size fish just doesn't compare. Thanks for enlightening me and now I know that F&G would probably laugh at me if I even brought up the topic. We do have a 300 acre lake near us that is stocked by the lake assoc. and their are alewive in the 1000's. Let me tell you, the browns grow big in this lake, up to 12lbs.(very rare) and a good shot at 4lbers. Thanks Again, Chris
  15. I just got back from a trip to the finger lakes and was exremely impressed with the avereage size of the trout/ salmon. Does anyone know the primary forage base for these fish? Is it alewives, smelt, or others? The reason I ask is I live in NH. and we have Lake Winnepesaukee which is 44,000 acres with lots of deep water but the average size of the fish is a joke compared to the finger lakes. We have other lakes in the 3,000- 5,000 acre size range and it's the same deal. Our primary forage base is smelt which are not very hardy and my theory is fish don't get as large off feeding on smelt as they do on let's say alewives. What are your thoughts on this? I only fished Owasco Lake but was amazed at the average size. Are all the finger lakes like this that hold trout/salmon? I'd like to get some feedback from you guys so I can contact NH. Fish and Game and see if perhaps we should be focusing on a better bait source. Any NY fisheries biologists out there who have observations on this? I hope you guys realize what a superb fishery you have out there with the finger lakes and Lake O. Every time I leave all I can think about is the next time I'll be able to come back. In my opinion this is one of the best overall places for size and variety in this great country of ours. I'd move in a split second but family prevails. I thoroughly appreciate your input and advice. PS. Lumberjohn- a big thanks again!
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