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  1. Need some help from Mother Nature before we get started!!
  2. The second picture is awesome. The camera flash shows the beautiful pattern on that fish. You had a heck of a season this year. I can't wait to chase them again with you next year!!
  3. EsoxAC3, One before and one after. I will be working sunrise later this week to see if the bite is there. Can't wait for November!!! muskiedreams, You are right on about knowing the water. The St. Larry is unforgiving. If you work the wrong piece of water at night and don't know the area you are asking for trouble.
  4. 10/12/14 turned out to be a great evening on the St. Larry. My buddy who developed Muskie fever after a 45"er last week wanted another go at it. He was rewarded. Started with a 49.5"er and finished with a 49"er. Both fish released strong.
  5. Thanks for the acknowledgement Stew. It's been Two fish in two trips for you. That's awesome!! As you are already well aware of, the area of the St Lawrence that we fish on is not an area of numbers. It is a tough body of water to catch fish on. You never know how big the next one will be! Capt Paul Corbett
  6. Send them to Big Brookie. He is purchasing 3 nets and is centrally located. Broke Off is in Syracuse and I can make a meet with him in Clayton or Oswego. I will pm all parties to square away particulars.
  7. I'm in. Big Brookie, If you are coming to the Clayton area that would be great. I also have family in Oswego that could make a meet with you. If all else fails then I would have to drive to Central Square.
  8. I am interested. I am in the Thousand Islands Region (Clayton). I need a net soon so if this doesn't pan out over the next 2 weeks I will be backing out and looking elsewhere. Please pm me if we get enough people.
  9. The Coldwaters had some issues with the linecounters when they were initially introduced. From what I have read they have gotten all the bugs out and are a very nice reel for the money. I use convectors. Some I have had for several years. They have been great for me for salmon and muskie fishing. I just sent a bunch of them to Tuna Toms to be broken down and refreshed. I run the 30 models for both wire line dipsy fishing and downrigger applications. I am thinking about purchasing a couple coldwaters to try out. You can't go wrong with convectors and catalinas. I am guessing the coldwaters are the same with regards to quality.
  10. I am looking for a qualified marine electronics installation technichian for Garmin products. The install will be on a Hewescraft Ocean Pro hardtop. Will be installing chartplotter, radar, and satellite weather. I am located in the Thousand Islands Region but I am willing to travel as far as Rochester if needed. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Troutman, I would like to purchase a couple of your weights. PM sent
  12. Are the scotty 2106 downriggers compatible with traxtech swivel mount bases?
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