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  1. Tim, Thanks for the offer. I'm hoping to get out Sunday morning. My father doesn't care for rough water either. Must be the way I drive. :? I'll let you know how I made out. Allan
  2. Tim, We do have a dual frequency Lowrance depth finder. Once we get on the lake I usually run it in df mode. That is a good tip though running one side on zoom in less than 100 fow. I will definitely be around next year. I'm still going to try a couple more times this year. As to sharing tactics, I'd love to. I'm afraid at this point it would probably be one sided though! Good luck on the new boat. I'm trying to talk my dad into a penn yan. Keep the Polar Kraft for smallies and walleyes and the big one for salmon. I only use my boat for cruising and taking the kids tubing. I also have a 22' thompson that I thought about turning into a fishing machine. talk to ya later, Allan
  3. Tim, I just started fishing for the kings last year and I guess I had beginners luck. I ran two wire rods off my Wellcraft Nova and caught a 16lber within 15 minutes! Now I realize how hard it really is. I have no problem marking small fish in shallow water so maybe I am missing something when we venture out deeper. I also read about the slower speeds. My father was telling me to go slower but I argued with him and said we needed to go at least 2 to 2.5 at the ball. Live and learn. btw, what type of boat do you have? Allan
  4. Tim, Glad to hear that somebody is catching out of Port Bay. I think I might have followed you out on Sunday morning. I started in 80fow and went all the way out to 230. I think I marked one fish in five hours. I did see a boat start out shallow but I followed another out west. I was in a 20' Polar Kraft center console. My father has a cottage on Tompkins Pt rd. Hopefully we will have some luck before the season is over. Hope to see you out there. Allan
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