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  1. I have an older version of the Bass Pro Predator spinning rod.  Nice rod!  Like iiwhistlerii said, it is a little short for what you were looking for and is a 1-piece.  Here are a few other companies that might be worth looking into for other options:

    - Tackle Industries has a 1-piece spinning rod over 8ft.  They used to sell it in 2-piece.  It might be worth reaching out to see if they have any left laying around?

    - St Croix has spinning rods in the Premier lineup (maybe in the mojo line as well?)

    - I know Daiwa and Okuma used to have spinning rods for Musky/Pike.

    - Didn't Chaos tackle also?  I cannot find it on their website anymore.


    Not sure where you are located, but may be easiest just calling up Chautauqua Reel Outdoors and asking Mike Sperry if he has any recommendations.  He would have a lot of knowledge on this since he has spinning setups for clients on his boat.  Also, he may have something in stock or easily be able to order for you.  good luck!


  2. I want to get into something a little larger.  I have a lot of interest in getting out on Erie more often.  The extra length will help out with that.  Also, I want to have a kicker motor for peace of mind.  I looked into adding the kicker to the Tracker, but feel the cost can be put towards a new boat with new features that I would enjoy having. 


    Someone is going to love the Tracker and get some amazing use out of it for sure (especially with all the upgrades/tech on it)!

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  3. I have regular and powder coated s-10s.  I have had my down rod pop out on me twice, but noticed it happened both times on the powder coated version.  If you are not careful, the powder coated ones do not seat properly.  Once I started watching for that, I have not had a problem.

  4. I think I am the most opinionated person in regards to Cassadaga, so I figured I should throw in my two cents...


    If it was not a holiday weekend, I would tell you not to go to Cassadaga.  Sure, it is an easy lake to get numbers on, but a probable chance of a decent-sized fish is not there.  There have been guys that have caught fish in the mid to upper 40s on that lake, but most are low 30s.  I want that chance at a 50 no matter where I am fishing.  Also, every trip to Chautauqua is a learning experience with so much water to try out and learn.  Cassadaga gets boring quickly due to its size.  However...with a 12' boat, the forecast (as Adam mentioned), and that there will be gobs and gobs of pleasure boaters swamping every fisherman on Chautauqua this weekend, it is not a bad weekend to voyage out to Cassadaga (it hurts me to even write that. haha)


    I knew a couple guys a few years back that started their weekend on Chautauqua.  They fished the early morning bite and got off the water when they saw all the pleasure boaters start flooding the lake.  At that point, they pulled their boat and traveled over to Cassadaga.  Since you are starting your trip in Jamestown, this might be a nice move for you?  You would get to experience two different lakes!



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  5. Thanks very much, guys.  I had no clue that there would have been different gear housing sizes...something I will definitely look for when I purchase my next prop. :yes:


    Well, it looks like this prop will be going up for sale in the Classifieds section so someone else can get the great deal that I originally got on it!


    Thanks again!



  6. Hey everyone,


    I am really hoping I am doing something wrong.  I purchased a new (to me) stainless steel prop this winter and am just getting around to installing it.  I am putting it on a Mercury 115 Optimax.  After taking off the old prop, cleaning everything up and doing a test fit, I noticed that the end of the prop that is milled down to slide into the motor does not fit!  It is actually the same diameter as the outside of the motor opening.  A picture is attached.


    Do they actually sell different diameter ends for props and I purchased too large of one for my motor?  To make maters worse, this issue is also causing the prop blades to come in contact with the trim tab.


    Any help (good or bad) is greatly appreciated!  Thanks.




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