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  1. Looking to drop my 14 ft row in this weekend for some fishing but worried about water level at boat ramps. Trailer tires are small and some ramps have sharp drop off. Looking for Options from Sandy creek to Sodus. Thanks
  2. Great!!! I had my 1st hookup right at dusk in 10ft of water this past weekend and fought a 3lb smallie out the channel in 10ft of water. I'll be out on the water this weekend and I'll try the above out. Thank you
  3. Thanks, I will try both setups. Any preference on spinning, baitcaster, mono or braid?
  4. Flat line setup for shallow water I'm convinced I can't boat with the family without throwing in a line. I'm usually set up for largemouth but I've been tying on a swivel with a spoon or Mepps style spinner but my line twist is ridiculous. I'm willing to dedicate a rod and reel for flatlining so please advise on pole,reel, line and tackle. Thanks
  5. I'll give all of the above a try on the 4th weekend. Can't wait! Thanks again for responding.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'll try out the bluffs soon. Do you guys recommend trolling or drifting. Also do I start in shallows and head out to deeper water to try to locate? Usually water seems to be gin clear on calmer sunny days. Is That Considered Poor fishing quality? Thanks again for some tips. Just trying to figure out how to put some fish in the boat for my kids who struggle with limited catches.
  7. Lake ontario smallmouth New to lake ontario smallmouth fishing but looking to try something other than bay bass fishing. Fishing in general takes place in or near Port bay. My question is where to begin looking for smallies on the big lake? I do have decent sonar but still struggle with locating fish. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I am new to sport and for some reason I have not been comftorable with trying a free slider. I am using 4 ft booms on cannons and I woould like to know when the best time and best way to rig slider. Once my riggers are down my main line seems to far from boat to rigg slider. Im sure Im missing something obvious.
  9. What a web site! My current wish list, complete. Thanks guys!
  10. I am wondering what a good choice is for downrigger set up. I currently have 2 used mag 10s with wire only. I have a set of blaks releases in package. Do I crimp a seperate snap swivel, then snap on release or connect the release directly to line. If Im missing something please let me know I would perfer to complete it correct now and not pay later. Thanks
  11. Looking for used 2 reels for dipsey rods. 2 Downrigger rods and reels 1 10lb tru track wieght ss 30deg flush mount rod holders I am not looking for high end stuff, just decent equipt at reasonable price.
  12. Looking for 1 mag 10 to match one I already have. I will consider one that needs repair if priced right.
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