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  1. Im still chasing walleye's with waders and dont want to start thinking about sitting on a pail and looking at holes in the ice for hours but sad to say ice fishing is almost here. Bass Pro has it all set up and ready to go. The Gander in Cicero has thier stuff "around" but like most of thier other stuff you have to hunt and peck to find it.
  2. Thanks guys for info .. I appreciate it .. most of my time has been chasing Walleye's on Onedia Lkae .. this is step up and I am looking forward to next year .. but as usual .. more "stuff" .. wire, copper, down riggers, big rods & reels, flashers, spin doctors, flies ... and oh ya .. not to mention that thing you attache to the down rigger that measures temerature, speed and light .. i guess ill be doing my aprt to keep this economy going .. and try not to end up in the poor house and divorse court!! :roll:
  3. never made it out .. my home project took longer as usual. As it stands now the clouds are rolling in so today looks iffy. Not sure about tomorrow (sunday). I hope to get out and chase white tails instead of fish tails!! If I'm out on the water Ill look for you. I have marine radio usually on scan mode (if I rember to rurn it on) and fish out of Fremac. 22' yellow Scout. Our days are numbered out there this time of the year.... Good luck !! mark
  4. I’ve seen some threads for discussion on rigging up a rod with wire and dipsey’s. Why Dipsey’s and Wire?? I’ve played with and been with guys who use dipsye’s, but not with wire. Don’t the dipsey’s get you out wide enough and deep enough on their own without the addition of the wire line?? The only reason I guess at is that it would get you deeper quicker with out having to run as much super line or mono?? mark
  5. I hope to get out tomorrow ... I can't get out too early in the morning. Sunday I hope to be in the woods with by bow ....
  6. Ray .. anyone who does not like the red sox is Ok in my book !!! and "troller" I guessed (hoped!!) you were kdding .. so was I. But I'm the rookie out here (and on the big pond!) and since this is a fishing site I'm thinking its better to be a "troller" then a "clipper" !! Mark
  7. Hi, once you catch the limit whether in a live well or on a stringer. You can continue to fish for that species provided all the fish of that species subsequently caught are immediately releasedâ€Â
  8. Hi, new to the sight and jsut saw this so I'm not not sure if you already fixed your boat. But I dinged mine and found a place that match my gel coat perfectly to the year, make. color and model of the boat. They sell small repair kits. All you go is mix in some hardener in with gel. Mix it and then apply it to the area your repairing. I have some experience repairing my canoe over the years, so it was not to hard. Mine was above the water lien and you cant see the repair area so with yours below .. should be easy. Spectrum Color Auburn, WA. 1-800-253-1366
  9. First, I'm happy to have found this sight .. been reading for three nights and am now on information over load!! And yes I figured I would receive some "help" as to brands ... so I should also ehar from teh folks who liked Big Jon's !!!
  10. Hi, I’m brand new to the sight and new to Ontario Lake. I was able to get up there a few times recently and I’m looking forward to next year now that I have the boat and the equipment to go after the fish. The question I have is about the Cannon Mag 10 HS. Am I the only one who thinks the switches are nuts to work with?? All four of mine descend just fine and are easy to control (stop on the down cycle) but try to try move them up 10 feet then stop them seems almost impossible with the hair trigger on them and the speed. When I start them up they don’t want to stop until they hit the short stop or I just reverse it to the descent. They are otherwise great and are quick. It’s not just one but all four of mine so I’m sure its not a defect. I called Cannon and all I got was “yea they are a little touchy but this is first complaint we got!!â€Â
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