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  1. There is a overflow dam on Densmore Creek @ 590 where sewage overflows into the creek. This happens 1 or 2 times annually during periods of heavy precipitation when Van Lare can't handle the volume. Unfortunately there are still plenty of areas where the storm and sewer systems are connected.

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  2. Heading up to the Cape next week. Not going to bother with the Canadian license and staying across from Carleton. Any tips?Going to target smallies by day and eyes by night. Very little eye experience. 

  3. Let me just set the record straight. The south side of the Lake in the rochester area is not "dead" as it relates to smallmouth. As the ecosystem has changed, so have the bass. As a kid, my old man and myself, like so many others used to go to Hedges, without electronics, drifting with bass minnows and worms and crush Smallies one after another. You'd just join the middle of the pack and drift until you found them. Unfortunately the bass do not school up in this area like the used to. Blame the zebra mussels, gobies, global warming, whatever they simple do not school up in any one spot like they once did. They are spread out. 


    I have a special place in my heart for smallmouth bass. Maybe it's the memories of fishing at hedges as a kid with my old man....I don't know....Either way I have landed two beautiful fish in the last two trips....that works out to 1 fish every two hours. You just have to have patience and get lucky. The trolling is probably the best bet but unfortunately I'm not really set up for it, simply because you cover more water. But on a day that has a good drift working it's almost the same. 


    To answer your question Krux, I've been bouncing power baits off the bottom, with a jig head and spinner and tipped with a minnow.

  4. Thanks Esox......fishing has been tough the last few years (they would heartbroken if I went out alone)...but now they are allot more self sufficient and we finally got a bow mount trolling motor...making things much easier. It's time to get serious!

  5. We got quite a few shallow Wednesday in the bay (wasn't super serious had my twin 9 year olds out)...... Not much size though....with the temps rising it would make sense they are moving out..... One of my boys managed his first northern thoughee62fc1366cfe59c4e37fb0a8e1c25b1.jpg

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