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  1. Minn Cota electric bow mounted trolling motor for sale. Like new and hardly used. Includes remote control and foot pedal controls. $125.00. Located in Hamilton, Ontario. Contact: email [email protected]
  2. Is there a spray I can use to waterproof my canvas boat top?
  3. I couldn't agree with you more. Sounds like you have found a great past time as I have. Regards James
  4. What has the MNR got against submersible fishing lights??? Why can't we use them here? We already have regulations limiting the number of fish. If you are a fan of night fishing and wish to have this tool - why not. Other countries permit them. They don't harm the fish. Seems to me like bureaucrats making up more controls over our lives for reasons that escape me. If anyone knows the justification for this rule, please enlighten me. Watch out fishermen - your fishfinders are next.
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