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  1. My mistake I may have goofed up with the keyboard lol.....But the crappie are definetely bigger in sodus I'm gonna ride out that way tonight to see how much is open..If it's open near the bridge one good rain will bring them there in large numbers...I'll keep you posted
  2. I've caught so many perch through the ice I'm "perched out" lol...Sodus bay is another great spot for spring crappie I hear the ice around the bridge is starting to go away...This is a great place to start...get out early or there wont be anywhere to fish shore or boat! But when it's on honeoye crappies pale in comparision to the size of the sodus bay crappie..I've caught slabs in both bodies of water but less 9-10 inchers at sodus
  3. I'm definetely going to be keeping an eye on honeoye but in the meantime if you like big gils and sunnies you should give seneca a try tons of em in there I tried yesterday got about 25 kept 5 12inchers for dinner...and the best thing is if the boat isn't ready yet you can get them right from shore off the docks!
  4. I fished honeoye yesterday out in front of trident marina..still good but but some spots were starting to get a little iffy..but the fishing was great we(2/3 fisherman) got our limit on crappies and a mess of "huge" gils and sunnies..it was by far my best day "ever" on this lake...we got em in 12-15 fow techni-glo jigs with waxworms [/b]
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