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  1. Bulletbob, I'm new to this. Thanks for the advice. When is the ideal month(s) when baitfish are closer to shore?
  2. Been interested in shore fishing from the wall at Taugannok park. When is the best time for bites this time of year. Early AM?
  3. I would like to do some ice fishing this weekend. I live in Ithaca. Where would be a good place to go?
  4. were you in a boat or fishing from shore?
  5. I do have a boat, but most of the time I would rather on a whim walk to a stream than mess w/ launching and downriggers on my own. I'm originally from NJ were you didn't have to pay to launch your boat, so I'm a little stubborn about that. Thanks for the single hook tip. Are spinners better than egg-sacks? What do you think of sacks and how do you fish w/ them in the streams? Do they float with the current or sit on the bottom? I've always preferred spinners, but what to make sure I understand all my options. Thanks!
  6. I live in Ithaca and I want to got out April 1st. I've heard about the trout running in streams, but that's really the extent of my knowledge. Can someone give me a primer about : where to go? what to use for bait? how long they are in the streams? I don't have a fly rod. I do have waders. Thank you.
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