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  1. A-Tom-Mik trolling flies. 5 for $10 rigged are singles and unrigged are 3 pacs. Numbers are 13,3,16,20,03,27 Plus shipping. Have about 30 new in the package rigged and unrigged. Email if interested in all [email protected]
  2. Cannon does not make the mag20 anymore but yes it still is listed for sale on their site under Legacy which is product they use to make. So as patriot said they are no longer made. But they still have some available until they are sold out.
  3. Jackrabbit. That one is sold. I may have a 375 I can let you know on.I am in Michigan. Shoot me an email if interested at [email protected]
  4. I know a guy who has a 31' tiara for sale. It is located in michigan. I think a 1986. Contact me if you have interest and I can put you in touch with him.
  5. I will be listing some stuff over the next few weeks. Since it will be listed on a few different sites I will respond by the order the emails come in to me. Shipping is extra on the prices listed. I will also try to put pictures up as soon as possible on my site. My email [email protected] and my pics will be at www.catchabunchcharters.com and will be under fishing news. Okuma 30l $50.00 mono line.....SOLD okuma cv 45d $65 sun faded some with wire SOLD okuma cv 30 d $70 nice shape with wire not sure how much.....SOLD Shimano tekota 800 $150 some boat rash 375 copper...SOLD Okuma Cv 30L $43 Mono line missing cast control knob......SOLD Okuma cv 30 l $50 mono line.....SOLD Okuma cv 45 l $50 some amount of leadcore.....SOLD Okuma cv 45l $50 some amount of leadcore......SOLD okuma 300l $20*......SOLD Okuma 300l $20.....SOLD Okuma cv55l $80 400 copper.....SOLD Okuma cv55l $75 350 copper......SOLD Okuma cv55l $70 12 color lead tekota 600lc $100 handle is worn.....SOLD tekota 600lc $120 great shape......SOLD Penn 320 gti never used $50.......SOLD Talora 8' medium light $40 Talora 8' medium light $40 Talora 8' medium light $40 shimano Torium 30 $145 15 color excellent shape......SOLD shimano Torium 30 $145 12 color excellent shape......SOLD
  6. Snedden Can you email me at [email protected] interested in some of the flashers and have a question on colors
  7. berts sold and also probes sold pending payment. buck contact me on reels
  8. Shimano Tld star 20/40----45 Shimano tld star 20/40------30 Mitchell riptide--------45 each have 2 Cabelas gold dmg45----45 Tackle mate with 50 spoons -----60. See. Pics hinges cracked but works fine TORIUM 16 SHIMANO 3 COLOR---125 TORIUM 30 SHIMANO WITH LEAD----125 TORIUM 30 SHIMANO WITH LEAD-----125 TORIUM 20 SHIMANO WITH LEAD----125 Plus shipping will also be at Grand Rapids Show WILL GO IN ORDER OF EMAILS RECEIVED I check my pm's but only when logged in email at [email protected] or call off of website will continue to add and will post pictures on following link http://www.catchabunchcharters.com/fishing-news will continue to add and will post pictures on following link http://www.catchabunchcharters.com/fishing-news
  9. I have a 1197 Humminbird if you are interested email me at [email protected]
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