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  1. Just wondering if the Tiara is still for sale. I sold my boat and am looking for a Tiara 3100, 3300 or 3600 open. From what I've read your boat would be a good fit for me and my family. Another member from this board said it may be available. Let me know.
  2. Sorry about that AnglingAddict. A broker told me about $2.50 per mile. I got a quote a couple of weeks ago to ship a 3100 from Miami to Toledo, Oh. for $4,000.
  3. Planning a trip to Ohio next weekend to look at a couple. I'm looking at boats that are between 23 and 30 yeas old. That means extra caution on my part. When I see 3100's in the low $20's on the east coast and down south and in the upper $50's in the north its hard to justify the extra cash. $2.50 a mile to ship it. There must be salt water boaters who properly maintain their boats. I've searched the forums. Tiara's have several issues that can be checked out. Do diligence is the key. If risers and manifolds recently replaced on a salty and every thing else has been well maintained and checks out, I'd consider a road trip. At the end of the day I'd likely pay extra for fresh water boat close to home but not $20,000 to $30,000 more.
  4. Thanks Patriot. Thats almost 600 miles from me. Prefer to shop around the great lakes region for now.
  5. Thanks PD Buoy. The one on Walley.com looks about perfect. He posted it in 2012, but I will followup. Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks Nick, I agree, lots for sale. Like the prices, the boats are all over the place. Not that many here up north though. You have to go far to get yours? Have fun rigging.
  7. Looking to buy a Tiara 3100, 3300 or possibly 3600 Open, late 1980’s early to mid 1990’s, located in or within reasonable shipping distance of the great lakes region. I just sold my boat so I am a cash buyer willing to take immediate possession! My offer will be based on Nada Boat Value Guides http://www.nadaguides.com/Boats and will be subject to a marine and or engine survey. Preference will be given to low hour, well maintained and or fresh water boats. If you have one of these, and want to sell NOW reply to me with your asking price along with some details and we can go from there.
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