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  1. I emailed Daiwa a few weeks ago and it doesn't look good for anytime soon. Supply chain issues. I originally contacted them in November when they were supposed to be released and they told me January. I've since emailed 2 more times and it keeps getting pushed back. Last email said maybe June. I got tired of waiting and bought 2 Penn Fathom II. Same price and I got them, although stock looks low on them as well. Very nice reel. Spooled them up for wire divers. Hopefully they hold up good. Nice smooth drags and a decent gear ratio.

  2. 5 Okuma CV20D, good to very good condition, $30 ea. 1 Shimano TR100, $20. 2 Garcia 5500C, made in Sweden, $25 ea and 1 Okuma Classic 452 with 10 color leadcore, $25. Buy 1 or all it doesn’t matter. Message me with what you want and we can go from there. I will add a minimal amount for shipping when you let me know what you want. The Convectors and Garcias are sold.






  3. 2015 Hoyt Nitrum in excellent condition. Quad drop away rest, Axiom stabilizer and peep sight. 28.5” draw and 60-70lbs, right hand. Very accurate and very quiet. It’s been a good bow. Killed a lot of deer and a bear with it. Only seeking because I needed a lighter draw weight. $500 obo. IMG_6108.JPGIMG_6107.JPGIMG_6104.JPGIMG_6106.JPGIMG_6103.JPG



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  4. I had a similar problem with a "new to me" Celebrity Fish Hawk 230.  Fortunately, there are some really smart people around. I was told to pop off the observation cover over the gas tank and there would be a plate nearby with the capacity stamped on it.  Voila...there it was....116 gal. 

    That’s what I told him to do and he said there’s no plate on it. Figured I’d try here. He did say they’re new fuel tanks so maybe the plate is on the tank where he can’t see it.

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  5. My GLE 252 Baha has 2-50 gallon tanks if that helps.

    No that just complicated things. Lol. I have a 252 gle and mine has 60 gallon tanks and I’ve confirmed it many times at the beginning of the season. I empty my tanks every fall and refill in the spring. However I have outboards and that may be why I have bigger tanks. His boat is an I/O so he may have 50’s. Thanks though.

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  6. I used the 19 strand backer for 1 season. It's not all it's cracked up to be. First, it absolutely doesn't have the same sink rate as an equal length weighted steel. Meaning 200 ft of steel and 200ft of 19 strand does not equal a 400 weighted steel. I had the same plans as you, 1 rod for every application but the truth is it doesn't work. Also after some testing in shallower water (under 100ft) I know that weighted steel does not have the same sink rate as copper. I do think the steel is more user friendly. I'm still using it this season. Another issue with the 19 strand backer is if it tangles with anything the wire is junk. The first trip out we had a fish cross the steel rod before we could get it in and there went $45 worth of wire. If you were fishing for smaller fish or walleye you could just cut out the bad spot but with salmon you need to have the full 1000ft or you'll end up spooled. I took the 1 reel I had with the 19 strand and removed the wire. I went back to braid backer and will try running a torpedo diver and see if I can get it down to the 60ft range. I'll use my 400 steel the same way. Hopefully I'll get the results I'm looking for or I'll be going back to the copper.

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